From cocaine and PCP to guns and illegal driver's licenses – the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club had their hand in it all.

The mostly African-American band of motorcycling enthusiasts, formed in LA in 1959, apparently had much more than big engines and leather jackets on their mind, and were recently whacked upside the head by the LAPD, ATF and a host of other law enforcement agencies.

The motorcycle gang popped up on the radar in May 2010, police say, when the club was involved in three shootings and a murder.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

During the investigation, agents used confidential informants to buy drugs and guns from members of the the Chosen Few. In one case, a member was arrested with more than a kilo of coke.

In another case, police discovered that a DMV worker was making fake identifications for club members to use in order to buy guns. And in yet another case, a member was arrested with a gallon of PCP – which led federal agents to Detroit, where another six gallons of PCP were seized.

According to the motorcycle club's website, “The Purpose of the Club was to Ride and Enjoy the New Black Biker Set in Los Angeles & Oakland California.”

It also states:

When you talk of the Outlaw Bikers you automatically think of “Them Crazy White Boys” doing what a lot of Folk Wish they could do.
“Live Life like You Want to & Fuck You and Your Rules”.Well Guess What. There was some Crazy Black Bikers who Felt the Same Way, and Didn't Give A FUCK.

In all, says the ATF, agents and police confiscated nearly five pounds of powder cocaine, more than 3 pounds of crack cocaine, about 7 and a half pounds of weed and 10 guns. The City Attorney's Office is prosecuting 9 gang members.

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