Feastery, a new website that bills itself as a “members-only gourmet concierge” is launching in San Francisco next month, with plans to roll out here in L.A. in July or August. The plan is to create a website that caters exclusively to serious foodies and gets them deals and special events with the most highly regarded restaurants in town.

“Feastery is kind of like a Gilt for foodies,” said founder Toby Scammell. Like Blackboard Eats, membership is free, but rather than just offering specific deals every week, Feastery will feature additional incentives to make both the restaurants and the customers happier. “Our value proposition is that we have high quality customers and a rewards system to get customers to go back to those restaurants.”

But how do they plan on guaranteeing high quality customers? The person referring you, and how you answer the application questions, will play a factor in how quickly you are accepted. The main draw for restaurants to offer good deals, though, is that members will be required to tip at least 18% on their meal. “Big complaints that servers and restaurateurs have with Groupon is that people don't tip on the pre-discounted amount. Ultimately that's very destructive.”

We'll keep you posted on the official L.A. launch date.

LA Weekly