“What started as a fist fight ended in a deadly shooting that left two men dead,” a press release concerning a double homicide back on November 30, 2011 read. Today, a third man, the suspect in the November 30 incident, is also dead–shot on a roof in La Mirada after a tense standoff with the FBI/LAPD Fugitive Task Force.

Just after midnight on November 30, Art Gomez and Jesus Rendon were standing outside a house on the 2100 block of City View Avenue in Boyle Heights. A group of men walked up to them, things turned physical, someone pulled out a gun and shot both men dead.

The police, who determined the shooting to be gang-related, have been looking for the suspect since. In January, they got an arrest warrant for a 27-year-old man whose name has not been released; this morning the Fugitive Task Force informed the police that they could find their man on the 15500 block of Escalona Road in La Mirada.

“They notified us and told us where he was. We went down there and surrounded the house and started calling everybody out,” Cmdr. Andrew Smith says of the 8:30am raid.

“He tired to escape out the back and proceeded to run up the roof of a nearby neighbor's house,” Smith says. “He refused to come down. He was completely surrounded. He reached into his pocket and ended up shooting a round from, we believe, a pistol.”

The suspect was then shot, handcuffed (per protocol) and determined to be dead. At press time, he remained on the roof of his neighbor's house.

LA Weekly