Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and we’re looking forward to a fun-filled day celebrating our favorite guys. After a year in lockdown, celebrating holidays this year feels extra special. The pressure is on, however, to find the perfect gift that is unique to both personality and preference. 

All the dads deserve something heartfelt and, well, rad. Whether its your biological dad, the dad that raised you, a family member, an incredible mentor, your child’s dad, or any other man that has stepped up to the plate, I’ve scoured the internet and local stores to find some cool stuff for every kind of dad. Check out my list below of the best unique gifts for Father’s Day! 


Father’s Day Gifts For The Camping Dad


Shades Of Green Rechargeable Pocket Lighter

Rechargeable Pocket Lighter

This lighter is super, super cool. My guy loves camping and we head out into nature whenever we can. This gadget has been a total game-changer for us, as it works in the wind and hard-to-reach places! Rechargeable and butane-free, it can be used up to 300 times in a single charge. 300 times!!! When you do need to charge it, just throw it on a USB cable and it’s fully ready to go for another 300 in just 90 minutes. Get yours here.

Purity Organic

If you know a dad that loves to enjoy a cup of tea by the campfire, or needs some extra hydration while enjoying the sunny outdoors, Purity Organic Tea makes a line of premium, organic CBD teas that would be perfect for him! Your camper can use the sun-tea method and stick a couple of bags into a Nalgene to sit out in the sun for a few hours to create a refreshing treat wherever they may be pitching their tent that day. No THC involved! Find them here

High Camp Flasks

High Camp Firelight 750 Flask

Got a dad who loves to camp? This flask is one unique gift for Father’s Day that’ll leave him smiling from ear-to-ear. Clocking in at a backpacking-friendly 29oz, this slender 3-piece bar set includes two 6-Shooter Tumblers and a 750ml Vacuum Insulated Flask that all fit together thanks to some magnetic magic. It’s large enough to fit an entire fifth of dad’s favorite spirit, a full bottle of wine, or even some chilled CBD iced tea. Double-walled and vacuum insulated, it works great for both hot and cold beverages. You can even customize it to make the perfect gift for dad! Grab yours here



The Finnish Long Drink

I haven’t been surprised by a drink in a long time the way I was surprised by The Finnish Long Drink. I’m not typically a gin drinker, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this gin-based spritzer. My husband was the first of us to crack one open and with eyes wide, he motioned for me to take a sip. I did, and well, nothing has ever hit the spot quite like this surprising canned cocktail. It tastes kind of like Squirt, but with alcohol and more floral. I can imagine no better day than sitting in my camping chair enjoy a couple of these bad boys in the shade! Find out the legend of The Long Drink (and where to buy it), here

The Finnish Long Drink


These canned cocktails pack a serious punch! Small, portable, and in a recyclable can, they are great for camping (especially those who like to pack light), because their small size doesn’t sacrifice on taste nor potency. My husband loves their White Russian! A traditional camping cocktail in our family, it makes enjoying our favorite possible without lugging along all those perishable ingredients. Find your favorite drink here.


Father’s Day Gifts For The PRIDEful Parent

Aura Hair Care


Pride month is here, and if your person celebrates, I highly recommend the fun and inventive gift of AURA’s personalized color tinting conditioners and conditioning hair masques. I use them frequently, and love how intimate and tailored the customization process is (my vanity also enjoys naming the bottles).  These colorful hair looks are a fun way to celebrate (and will get the kids giggling).  AURA is the first and only personalized hair care brand with temporary pigment options. AURA has something for all hair types and can be delivered straight to your door. You can choose and tweak your formula to address your individual hair needs and goals, and even name your products (like ‘Pride Weekend Hair’ or ‘Pride Purple’ for example)!  Learn more (and maybe get yourself a bottle or two) here



Father’s Day Gifts For The Grilling Dad


The High Water Shirt by California Cowboy

The High Water Shirt by California Cowboy

This is the ultimate Dad shirt. Called a “wearable happy hour kit, it features custom designed floral prints, water-absorbent terry-cloth lining, plus special pockets for your phone and a frosty beverage. You may think the terry-cloth lining would be too hot for summer, but you’re wrong. My dude gets sweaty, especially during the SoCal summer. This shirt helped keep him cool and sweat-stain free while at the Traeger last weekend, which is a pretty solid testimony. Don’t like terry-lining? Try the High Water Tropic! Same great features, no lining. Buy it here



My new favorite drink for summer, Volley is a tequila-based seltzer that just recently hit the shelves. Made with just three ingredients – 100% blue agave tequila, sparkling water and organic juice, it’s the first clean, tequila seltzer on the market. At only 100-110 calories per can, it’s the perfect sidekick to a hot day on the grill. Make his day and get your dad a pack (or two!) We recommend two. This stuff is goooood. (And you’ll want some too). Find it here

‘Merican Mule

There’s nothing more American than a dad at the grill, and this ‘Merican Mule is the perfect accompaniment. A Connecticut-based, premium, canned cocktail brand that just launched, they actually offer a cocktail variety pack for Mules of all type: Moscow Mule (vodka), Mexican Mule (tequila), Southern Mule (bourbon) and Tropical Mule (rum). Find them here

Father’s Day Gifts For The Cocktail Dad


Fresh Victor 

My husband LOVES these. Honestly, so do my kids. Before your freak out, they are non-alcoholic. Premium juices crafted into seven different blends for both cocktails and mocktails, I really can’t emphasize how tasty and tidy these juices are. They work for any cocktail, and make for an amazing drinking experience! If you’ve got a cocktail-lover in your life, these would be a gift that impresses. Shop here


Wellfounded Botanicals

This eco-friendly cannabis wellness brand just hit the market, launching a premium line of easy-dose tinctures that’s great for the eco-conscious dad that’s looking for restoration, relief, or relaxation. Grown free from pesticides, the cannabis mother plants that make up each bottle florist on an independently owned 63-acre organic farm. These tinctures are great alone, or mixed into a drink for a refreshing summer mocktail. My husband loves their RELAX 1:5 mix – 200mg of CBD and 1000mg of THC per 30mL bottle –  to alleviate pain and aid in sleep. You can also try their RESTORE 20:1 blend and their RELIEF 1:1, based on dosage preference. Check them out here. They make for a delicious cocktail that packs a buzz but is alcohol-free!

LiveWire Drinks

LiveWire Drinks

Award-winning canned cocktails specially crafted by award-winning bartenders, LiveWire is an excellent gift for not only those who enjoy a good drink, but want to support local bartenders and art. Each can has a unique design based on their curator, and each recipe has been concocted by a respected bartender. My husband especially loved the Rocket Queen by Erin Hayes:  a seamless combination of Magdalena Rum®, red pomelo, cinnamon, pandan, and absinthe. Learn more here.


Father’s Day Gifts For The Sporty Dad



BASK by Flume 

Accurately described as “healthy Tang,” BASK is a simple drink/pill system that helps your athletic guy stay hydrated throughout the day and recover after workouts. A soothing adaptogenic blend of plants from the farms and fields of India and Paraguay, each blend is formulated to hydrate the body, speed muscle recovery, ease soreness and support a positive mood. Learn more about this outdoor lifestyle brand – including how to buy it – here

Canned Vodka Transfusion

Canned cocktail champ Cutwater Spirits’ has partnered with PGA TOUR Player Harold Varner III (HV3) to create the true golfer’s cocktail. Meant to be enjoyed at golf course bars and country clubs around the world – and let’s be honest, anywhere you want. “For years, the Transfusion has been my go-to cocktail to enjoy after a day on the course. And Cutwater’s Transfusion is great, with a nice little kick from the ginger beer and just the right amount of carbonation! As a guy who prefers drinking a cocktail to making one, I especially love the ease and convenience of enjoying my favorite mixed drink in a can,” says Harold Varner III. “Now, I can toss them into a cooler and go – it doesn’t get better than that!” Cutwater’s Transfusion features award-winning Cutwater Vodka, Ginger Beer and real grape juice. Find out where to buy it at the end of June here

Harold Varner III x Canned Vodka Transfusion


Why not get dad some new workout gear this Father’s Day? Fourlaps is a premium men’s athletic and lifestyle apparel brand that’s perfect for all types of active dads. From gym dads to chasing-after-the-kids dads, these comfy threads will have him looking fine! Browse their catalogue here


MX Sport is Moxie’s line of CBD products meant to aid in recovery, boost longevity and get you to where you need to be energy-wise. They also have live resin (concentrates & vape cartridges), premium indoor flower, strain-specific vape cartridges, edibles under their main brand umbrella, making them a one-stop shop. Check out all their offerings here to gift your big guy something that’ll help keep him in the game. 

Waterpik PowerPulse Therapeutic Strength Massage 

Massages are hard to come by these days. Expensive, time-consuming, and hard to schedule, dad doesn’t get his muscles worked on as much as he should. Give him the gift of home massage with this easy-to-install shower head that can help him beat out his knots anytime he wants! My contractor husband loves it. Get it on Amazon here

Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad Dad


Sour Punch Bites


Ever heard of the dad tax? Stop dad from bogarting the kids’ goodie and get him his own bag of sweets! Red Vines Made Simple recently came out with a non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan treat made without artificial coloring or high-fructose corn syrup that is simply divine. Sour Punch Sweet Bites are a new twist on a classic taste that’s seriously addicting! 


Is Dad constantly rummaging around the kids’ snacks? Can’t blame him, those Puffs are tasty. Give him a snack drawer of his very own with Airly Oat Clouds. They make the perfect addition to a DIY gift basket, and they’re not only healthy, but climate-friendly! Learn more (and snack more) here

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Ear Cushions Hearing Protector

Do your kids love to scream? Mine sure do. I gave my partner these early to help with the children-induced migraine and he’s in love! They connect to his Bluetooth to play songs and even take calls. I sometimes wear them at night when he snores. Win, win. You can get them on Amazon by tomorrow here

I.W. Harper 15-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Is there anything more “Dad” than sipping on some bourbon whiskey? Get him the best of the best this Father’s Day with this 15-year old bottle. Encased in a timeless, decanter-style bottle, this classic bourbon is perfect for commemorating life’s special moments, carrying rich notes of oak, raisin, caramel and vanilla.

Grab it on Drizly

Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad That Needs To Relax


CBD Bath Salts from Life Elements

CBD Bath Salts from Life Elements

Tune dad into his inner-self this Father’s Day with Lunar CBD Bath Salts. Made for moon bathing rituals and intention-setting, with a blend of essential oils to promote deep meditation and relaxation. With ingredients like magnesium, oatmeal, CBD, patchouli, palo santo, frankincense, sage and ylang-ylang, a good soak will vibe him out and help him renew in the way he needs. Buy them here


I love Amass for several reasons, one of them being that they are a local business that powered through the pandemic by briefly pivoting from distilling gin to rapidly producing hand sanitizer when there was a dire need for it. They’ve further branched out, now creating botanical-based items including The Art of Staying In candle. Scented with grapefruit, light florals and cozy woods, it’s a great way to help your dude settle his spirit after a long day. 


22Red is awesome for many reasons, particularly its inception. Founded by System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian, 22Red CBD tinctures and vapes have none of the psychoactive effects of cannabis, but provide the relaxing punch of cannabinoids. Flavors including mint, watermelon, strawberry sorbet and cereal killer. I can speak from personal experience that their watermelon flavor is super yummy. Find a California store near you here

High 90’s 

There’s nothing more chill than a tasty joint, and High 90’s delivers big time. Their unique blend of flavored pre-rolls make a great gift for the dad that needs some time to himself, with 8 flavor varieties and 1,200mgs of 30 – 40% THC. Encourage dad to kick back this Father’s Day and get him a few here


Father’s Day Gifts For The Stoner Dad


Dr. Greenthumb’s x GPen Roam Vape


This vape is no joke. It is some serious hardware and packs a punch, if you want it to. To be used with concentrates, you can customize your heating options so dad gets the exact hit he wants – whether it be low and slow, or high and heady! It’s fairly intuitive to use and great for any level of weed enthusiast. Discreet, portable, with a long-lasting battery, this is one dope piece for the stoner on the go. Get it here

Z’s Life 

Got a dad who loves joints? This is the perfect unique gift for a guy that wants to roll his own! Available in both standard and king size, Zbooks by Z’s Life has 50 ultra-thin rolling papers and 50 filters bound together with a gold plated magnetic clasp. You can buy your book in a unique design or color, for a fully customizable Father’s Day gift. Learn more about this New York-based company here

The GRAVI7Y cannabis bundle from Cloudious9 

Only available in California, this is one rad gift set for the man who likes to smoke flower on the go. Discreet and super easy to figure out, it’s the next level of smoking. No lighter needed! Customizable as well, dad can decide how hot he likes his burn. Get it here

Hydrology9 NX

Hydrology9 NX

This is, quite literally, the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. Other reviews have said “it’s like the Dyson of vapes,” and that’s a pretty solid description. A flower and concentrate vaporizer, what sets this vape apart (other than its cool look), is that it’s a modular water filtered vape. With a switchable concentrate atomizer and a hybrid convection flower heating chamber, this badass piece really does do it all. Best part? The smoke is fine and discreet. Great for a dad who loves to get down! Check it out here




Father’s Day Gifts For The Outdoorsy Dad


High West

High West American Prairie Bourbon

If the dad in your life loves the outdoors, then he’ll love this bourbon. High West Distillery launched Prairie Dash, a limited-time mobile game crafted in support of long-time partner and non-profit organization, American Prairie. As dad sips his gifted bourbon, he can play the game and conserve the natural habitat of Montana’s Great Plains while he’s at it! For every game played, High West will donate $1 to American Prairie, up to $50,000, and one lucky player will win a curated, once-in-a-lifetime, Western adventure to the distillery’s homeland, Park City, Utah. The game link can be found here: race.highwest.com. In addition to competing, High West supporters can also purchase the distillery’s American Prairie Bourbon on highwest.com or through Drizly, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the bottle’s namesake organization, American Prairie.  

Helmand Valley Growers Company

Of the bat, you should know that this is a great company to support. They recently released a line of potent, high-THC pre-rolls in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. All of the profits from these pre-rolls go to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which helps fund studies on how cannabis can help treat PTSD and pain in veterans, taking a holistic approach to helping soldiers return to civilian life. Not only is gifting from this company furthering a great cause, but it’s an ideal gift for that outdoorsy dad that needs something easy, light, and of course, portable to enhance the wonders of the great outdoors. Grab him a few here

Lagavulin Offerman Edition: Guinness Cask Finish

Is there anything more outdoorsy than Nick Offerman? I think not. Gift your nature-loving man of the woods this gorgeous 11 Year Old Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky this Father’s Day and blow his mind. Finished for four months in barrels that previously held Guinness Beer, resulting in a glorious adventure of sweet peat by combining the intense peat and charred wood notes of the Lagavulin with the roasted coffee, dark chocolate and sweet caramel notes from the Guinness casks. The brand suggests paring a glass with stories with dad – either neat or on ice. Find it on Drizly or ReserveBar

Father’s Day Gifts For The Chef Dad


Simple Feast

Simple Feast

Simple Feast is one of the coolest concepts I’ve come across in awhile. A newly-launched meal kit service, all the ingredients are USDA Organic and sourced from California farms. Not only is each meal plant-based, but they are completely compostable with recyclable packaging. Available for delivery throughout Greater Los Angeles, meals are created by chefs from Michelin-rated restaurants with menus that change weekly. Why is a subscription a great gift for dad? The meals are so easy to finish up at home and take very little time and effort. Huge plus!! A week of 3 meals cost $98 for 2-3 people or $159 for 4-5 people. Give the chef in your life the night off for Father’s Day and check it out here

Shades Of Green Live Edge Cutting Board

A functional statement piece, this is a cutting board that can be used for artistic plating, amazing cheese boards, or to live on the countertop as an attractive decoration that doubles as a super durable cutting board. Made by woodworker Spencer Peterman with 100% upcycled woods and natural oils, it measures 18” x 10”. It’s a wonderful and surprising gift for the man in your life that loves the kitchen! Buy it here

101 North Wine Collection 

There’s nothing better than cooking with a nice glass of wine, and let me tell you, this local to California producer sips so well. The brand offers four classic blends: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Moscato. Our household loves the cab. Available for online purchase for Father’s Day through Drizly

Father’s Day Gifts For The Healthy Dad




Infused with  natural adaptogens including ginseng, L-theanine, turmeric and chamomile this healthy drink aids digestion, immunity and stress relief; these sparkling drinks are the perfect unique gift for the health-conscious dad. You can find the drinks in elderflower mint, peach ginger, lemon basil and cold brew coffee flavors, with no added sugars. TRIP’s CBD drinks are gluten-free, vegan, low calorie (21k cals or under) and contain 15MG of CBD. The color pallet is dreamy, and they look oh-so-good in the fridge. A gorgeous drink for a hot summer, you can learn more about TRIP CBD (including their drops) here.

Potli Awaken Apple Cider Vinegar

2021 is amazing. They now have CBD-infused apple cider vinegar, which definitely kicks the prodigious vinegar up a notch in terms of wellness benefits. Made with raw, fresh pressed, real apples and never from concentrate, this vinegar is blended perfectly with sun grown CBD, easily absorbed to boost your gut health. Whether he’s a 5am apple cider vinegar health drink enthusiast, or just loves the stuff anytime of day, this is a fun gift for the health-conscious dad. Get it here


SUJA Juice 3-Day Cleanse

These are our favorite juices in my household. My kids love them, I love them, and my husband loves them. Give your healthy dad the gift of greater health this Father’s Day with one of Suja’s 3-Day Juice Cleanses! It includes 7 daily functional juices + 1 daily digestion shot, plus a recipe for a hearty breakfast each day. Their functional shot variety pack is amazing as well. Check out all things Suja here

Father’s Day Gifts For The Sober Dad


Good Stuff Beverages

Good Stuff Beverages

Want to help dad get that relaxing buzz without the alcohol? Good Stuff Beverage has, well, the good stuff. Each drink is made with all natural ingredients – including yummy pureed fruit – and 100mg of THC. Coming in three flavors, Chill! (Natural Health Lemonade), Let’s Go! (Raspberry Iced Tea), and Relax! (Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade). Great for creating cocktails, each drink-maker can tailor their own dosage to their tastes. Think dad would love it? Find it locally here. (My husband loves the Relax!) 

Artet + Aurora Elixirs 

When two delicious non-alcoholic brands come together to create one super-powered non-alcoholic beverage, we all win. Artet and Aurora Elixers joined forces to create a Mediterranean Citrus & Chamomile sparkling hemp apéritit featuring 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp that is positively divine on a hot day. Each bottle is zero-proof and non-psychoactive, and meant to be enjoyed by itself. Plant-forward and surprising, this tasty drink will surprise you that it’s not a cocktail! Find out where to buy it for Father’s Day here

Mad Tasty


We love an artful can, and Mad Tasty certainly has one. The whole look is such a summer vibe, and it’s a great gift for dad looking to enjoy it! MAD TASTY comes in 3 different flavors: Grapefruit, Watermelon Kiwi and mystery flavor Unicorn Tears (my personal favorite). A hemp-infused sparkling water with 20mg of pure broad-spectrum hemp extract per can, it’s refreshing, light, and highly recommended! Find it here

Partake Peach Gose

I’ve mentioned this before, but Partake has completely changed the non-alcoholic beer industry (in my humble opinion). I tested out my husband, and he had no idea that the beer contained no alcohol! Partake has the beer taste you love, but with none of the guilt or hangover. Their Peach Goes is a seasonal favorite, a perfect gift for the dad that’s missing beer flights! Even better? It’s just 15 calories. Cheers to dad here

Father’s Day Gifts For The Eco-Conscious Dad


Vessel x Cardiff Labs

Vessel Brand

If your guy vapes, whether it be CBD, THC, or something else, may I suggest a brand that is working to combat the ongoing waste issue plaguing the vape industry? Vessel partnered with GAIACA Waste Revitalization to make it easier for vape enthusiasts to recycle all vape batteries (not just Vessel’s). Keep in mind though, Vessel’s batteries last close to 300 charges due to its optimized power settings. Learn more here

KBH Jewels

Created by mom Kimberly Haisch, KBH was created to pass on a legacy of love to her children for their health and protect the health of the planet without compromise. Her 100% reclaimed and recycled gold cufflinks and reclaimed thick ring are both timeless customizable classics that are perfect for dad this Father’s Day, especially an eco-conscious dad. “If luxury means the best of everything – design, materials and craftsmanship – it also must mean what is best for the world and all living things,” says Haisch. “We need to be as mindful about what we are putting on our bodies, as we are about what we put in it. If there is a time to do this, it’s now. The focus is on what we are doing, what we are buying, and how that affects the world. By taking the steps to create a collection that is unmined and sustainable, KBH eliminates the need to mine for natural resources. Every time a consumer purchases from KBH they are making a worthwhile impact on our planet.” Be one of those consumers by purchasing here for Father’s Day.

Wellfounded Botanicals

This eco-friendly cannabis wellness brand just hit the market, launching a premium line of easy-dose tinctures that’s great for the eco-conscious dad that’s looking for restoration, relief, or relaxation. Grown free from pesticides, the cannabis mother plants that make up each bottle florist on an independently owned 63-acre organic farm. This tinctures are great alone, or mixed into a drink for a refreshing summer mocktail. My husband loves their RELAX 1:5 mix – 200mg of CBD and 1000mg of THC per 30mL bottle –  to alleviate pain and aid in sleep. You can also try their RESTORE 20:1 blend and their RELIEF 1:1, based on dosage preference. Check them out here

Novo Fogo Cachaça

Novo Fogo Cachaça 

A Brazilian cachaça brand, Novo Fogo Cachaça is a passionate advocate for sustainable practices. They produce USDA-certified 100% organic cachaças at their zero-waste distillery in the small town of Morretes, located in the heart of the largest protected patch of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, where the coastal mountains meet the sea. Their Two Woods series is a limited edition series that shines a spotlight on the rare, native trees that are quickly being depleted from the country’s rainforests – many for cachaça use. “Novo Fogo’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally sound practices has been quite literally embedded in the earth that grows our sugarcane since we founded the company,” explains Dragos Axinte, Founder and CEO, Novo Fogo Cachaça. “This is because of where Novo Fogo comes from: our distillery and sugarcane farm are in the largest protected patch of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Despite its enormous biodiversity, 88% of the Atlantic Forest has been lost to deforestation and degradation. We produce cachaça in this precious ecosystem, so we have an obligation to practice agricultural and production methods that aren’t detrimental to the natural and human communities that call this place home.” It’s a wonderful and unique gift that’ll not only impress dad, but support a great cause. Find it here

Father’s Day Gifts For The DILF



There’s nothing more romantic than chocolate, and Platinum makes chocolate with a kick! Infused with THC to help get him in the mood, their newest line of Live Resin chocolate edibles are super tasty and come in some unique flavors that’ll surprise him this Father’s Day. Your dude not into chocolate? That’s okay, they make gummy coins too! Get him something yummy here

Biird Obii

Biird Obii

Okay, maybe this is more of a gift for mom than dad, but happy you means happy him, right? Uniquely shaped like a cute little bird, this clitoral sextoy isn’t something to hide. In fact, the wirelessly charged dynamo doubles as a sleek design lamp for your bedside table. Check out this unique and fun Father’s Day gift here


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