Father-Daughter Powerhouse: How Glen & Brooke Coutinho Are Transforming Beverly Hills Real Estate

In the heart of Beverly Hills, a dynamic father-daughter duo is revolutionizing the real estate scene. Glen and Brooke Coutinho, the driving forces behind Harcourts Beverly Hills, seamlessly blend their unique strengths to deliver an unparalleled range of services, including residential, commercial, and luxury auction sales. Their outstanding marketing acumen and innovative approach have sent ripples throughout the industry, solidifying their status as a true powerhouse team.

Glen is one of the owners of Harcourts Beverly Hills with a vast experience in the real estate business. This devoted family man has been married for 35 years and is a proud father to five remarkable children. His daughter Brooke, wearing many hats, serves as both co-owner and operations manager at Harcourts Beverly Hills. Having worked closely with her father for nine years, Brooke has gained invaluable insights into the ever-changing dynamics of the industry.

Besides running a real estate business, Glen’s sons, Mason and Julez, are up-and-coming music artists and have released captivating songs such as “Footsteps“ and “Face It.” “We are a family-oriented business covering all things real estate and music,” disclosed Glen.

The real estate business in Beverly Hills is dynamic due to the city’s reputation for luxury, high-end properties that attract global investors and clients. Glen and Brooke have scaled the heights of the Beverly Hills real estate market through their combined expertise and extensive local market knowledge. Together, they have transformed the city’s real estate scene by leveraging their unique marketing skills.

One key aspect of making it in real estate is the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Glen and Brooke have a deep understanding of market trends and have been using this awareness to make tactical resolutions that have significantly contributed to their business’s success. The Harcourts Beverly Hills powerhouse also leverages the power of social media and other digital channels to create a robust online presence and attract potential buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, the duo prides itself on its high level of transparency, integrity, and exceptional customer service, which has helped them build a loyal client base. They have also invested in cutting-edge systems, experienced property consultants, research, and technological tools to help their business grow and reach many customers.

The duo’s success has not gone unnoticed. Glen and Brooke have won several awards, such as the #1 Sales Agents in Harcourts USA in 2022, multiple Harcourts Beverly Hills Platinum Awards, the 2019 AI Global Media Ltd Awards-Influential Business Leader of the Year: Real Estate, 2018 M&A International Stevie Awards – Most respected & longest serving agents in Australia and many more. Glen has also published a book titled The People Lover, in which he shares his expertise in sales techniques, customer service, mentoring, and people skills to help others become the best version of themselves and make it in the business world. The book is currently available on Amazon.

In response to his most significant challenge in the industry, Glen said that leaving behind a 30-year business and moving with his whole family to another country without knowing a single person was not easy. But he was able to adapt and start all over again to get where he is today.

Glen and Brooke have proven to be a powerhouse in the Beverly Hills real estate market and are poised to continue their success for years to come. They aspire to bag more awards and be recognized among the top 10 Beverly Hills real estate experts in Los Angeles. They also look forward to Mason and Julez’s music making global headlines.

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