Fat Mike is Dominated in 82: NOFX mainman Fat Mike told us about a death-rock dream bill.

Fat Mike: My favorite show was in 1982 at Florentine Gardens. I liked it so much I got the flyer tattooed on me.

The Lewd from SF opened up. Olga De Volga their bass player was a Dominatrix, so I was stoked, and I love that band anyway.

Crucifix was up next. Also great band, but they kinda sucked that night. Up next…. my favorite band at the time… THE MISFITS! They were out of tune and too loud and fucking amazing!

Then 45 Grave came on and were awesome…. Also, Dinah Cancer is kinda like a Dominatrix… so I was stoked! Then the mighty Discharge hit the stage! Best spiked hair of the night! They were so fucking loud and shitty sounding, I sat in the lobby and left early. Shit, I was only 15…. I had to be home by midnight….

Fat Mike is Dominated in 82: Fat Mike’s new podcast Fat Mike’s Fat Mic is available to stream here. New episodes every Tuesday.

“You end up finding out a lot about me,” he said in a statement. “And it is me, not the guy from NOFX. When I’m onstage, I’m an entertainer and I feel it’s part of my job to piss people off. On my podcast, if someone doesn’t like what they hear, they don’t have to listen. I also think people are going to see me differently after this show. I think I might be more understood… or maybe less.”



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