Fast food is a cutthroat business — the days of sitting back and resting on your Whopper laurels are over. Or at least it seems that way, with fast food companies coming up with ever-more creative special menu items to keep customers excited.

This week came the news that Wendy's will be introducing a bacon cheeseburger on a pretzel roll. The chain has been testing the burger in some markets, and it's done very well. Focusing on bread is an interesting turn of events for fast food, and their definition of “pretzel” is sure to cause food snobs everywhere to weep salty tears. The pretzel bacon cheeseburger is expected to roll out in the fall.

This comes just a few weeks after Burger King announced that it was introducing it's own rib sandwich, obviously trying to ride the wave of cult-like obsession with the McRib. The company is calling their sandwich the “rib sandwich,” losing round #1 to McDonald's already, without a quippy viral-worthy name. The sandwich has been available since May 21 and will be served throughout the summer.

Taste tests? No.

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