Perhaps the world of fast food drive-thru's, convenience stores and vending machines isn't all that bad. Maybe it simply depends on what goes into all the cases and automated machines. Consider the latest trend in Russian vending machine products: caviar.

A Russian company has installed 33 caviar dispensing vending machines across Moscow, including one in the mayor's office, which distribute glass jars and tin cans of salmon roe, sturgeon roe being a bit too pricey. Russians seem to be embracing the concept, as reportedly the machine in the mayor's office broke down last Friday already, although whether that was from over-use or faulty machinery is not clear. Maybe Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokorov, who is in the process of buying the last place New Jersey Nets, can buy the company and fix that. Does LeBron James like caviar? A few of those machines would be really nice in Brooklyn.

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