That slippery slope from C-list celebrity to straight-up XXX video vixen? We have identified how it appears to work, at least for one reality TV personality turned porn star.

The sugar-daddy website said this week that MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, whose sex tape was released online and on TV this week by Vivid Entertainment, approached it twice for deals seeking cash but was rejected:

SeekingArrangement says a pair of business proposals from Abraham within the last year were rejected because, according to a statement from the company, “she wasn't a 'good fit'” for its “public image.”

The site's founder and CEO, Brandon Wade:

We've had the opportunity to work with Farrah more than once. But we could tell that Farrah wasn't coming to us for the right reasons. She was just looking for a quick pay off, not a lasting mutually beneficial arrangement.

A spokeswoman told the Weekly that Abraham approached SeekingArrangement in July seeking cash for endorsing the site.



Then, the rep said, Abraham's agent came forward with another idea that was turned down. The spokeswoman compared Abraham to Octomom Nadya Suleman, whom she said also approached SeekingArrangement before turning to porn:

Both wanted to forge partnerships that would require as little work and participation from them as possible, with an attractive pay off.

Wade says he's “saddened” by Farrah's moves:

I think she will look back on this experience one day, and regret it. She had this incredible opportunity to be a role model; the front door was wide open. But instead she chose the “back door” to financial security, and she will soon come to realize that a lot of doors will be closed to her now because of it.

So many doors.

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