Fans Should Get Rewarded Too! Introducing Knaq, the Free Fan Reward Platform

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For as long as creators have been around, the fan-creator relationship has been mostly a one-way street. Fans adore their favorite YouTubers or TikTok stars by giving them views, streams, ad revenue, and by purchasing merchandise. Yet as much as the creator wants to give back to their fans, the opportunities are truly limited.

Luckily, there is now a new way for fans to be rewarded for their support.  Knaq, an innovative Web3 loyalty program, has created a brand new reward system for scrolling on social media. Rewards are actually directly linked to engagement, such as liking, commenting, and viewing posts. Now by supporting their favorite content creators, users get something back!

Since reward systems have become part of the digital generation’s daily lives, Knaq has merged something completely familiar with the everyday consumer. Yet, at the same time, the usage of blockchain technology, NFTs, and reward tokens make Knaq something totally groundbreaking.

The mechanism behind Knaq is simple. The blockchain-based Chrome extension is easy to install and operate, automatically enrolling users in a wallet (if they do not already have one with a Knaq-approved software). By partnering with NEAR Protocol, a highly flexible open source  blockchain, Knaq offers a safe, scalable way to incorporate reward systems into everyday interactions with content creators.

Fans simply add Knaq’s seamless extension to their browser and continue using social media as they usually would. Much like a credit card company awards points for spending, Knaq rewards users with Knaq tokens for liking, commenting, and viewing media. These tokens can then be used to redeem for exclusive rewards for Knaq users.

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But what are rewards? Rewards can encompass a wide variety of offerings, ranging from gift cards, cash back, and merch. Users can also save points up and redeem them for bigger awards like hotel vouchers, concert and sports tickets. And, the use of NFTs minted on Knaq grants exclusive access to live creator events. Points and rewards can be viewed in the user’s Knaq account- and creating an account is completely free.

Brands love Knaq’s innovative advertising system, where exposure and engagement take center stage in boosting their brand awareness. Knaq constantly changes up the forefront of the reward store, so all brands have a turn in the spotlight. Since Knaq advertises brand’s products intentionally based on different types of content, brands are now able to offer a more comprehensive targeted ad model on a daily basis, yielding a higher clickthrough rate.

Knaq also ensures their content creators are well taken care of. Since users are incentivized to engage on media by liking, commenting, and viewing, performance is already boosted on content creator posts. Creators can incentivize their viewers further by offering exclusive rewards to their top fans like apparel, gift boxes, and other types of merchandise. Creator accounts are also completely free to make, and all revenue made through Knaq is deposited in their own personal wallet.

Fans have gotten the short end of the stick for way too long. Thanks to Knaq, the archaic single-direction flow of fan interaction is soon to be gone. Assisted by NEAR’s brilliant blockchain technology, Knaq is revolutionizing the way fans feel about supporting their favorite creators.

Knaq is planning a soft launch in 2023, with the first month reserved exclusively for those who sign up for the waitlist now. The arrival of Knaq will bring a more engaging and rewarding experience for both fans, brands, and creators than was ever thought to be possible.

To learn more about Knaq, their rewards program, and how it all works, sign up for the waitlist today at to enroll in early giveaways.

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