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Fanatics! This is our last show for October. Saying goodbye to this month is like saying goodbye to a good friend. Now, we have all of our great November shows to look forward to.

For tonight's sonic feast, we went for the familiar, voices that we know well and have been listening to for a long time now. This, to me, is what October is all about. We still have a few days until the 31st and then we get into the early winter phase of our show. Until then, check out what we have here.

I don't know if we have checked out any Slickee Boys on our show yet. I have been tempted to play you Fanatics The Brain that Refused To Die, but the time never seems to be right. I used to see them play a lot in D.C. Anyway, we are going to rock some Slickee Boys tonight and we'll see what you think. Also, some Tex Rubinowitz. He would play in D.C. when I was living there. He had a great song about Ivy of the Cramps. “Rock & Roll Ivy”, I think it was called. Lux and Ivy always said nice things about him. I don't know, in the many years we have been laying all these tunes on you, if we have rocked any Tex before but tonight, we are definitely going for it.

Fanatic, I have been doing a lot of writing this month. I have been trying to put down one thousand words a night into another Fanatic! book. I have outlined what I want to do, now all I have to do is get it done. It's going to require some travel for interviews and hopefully, some willing participants. I already have at least a couple of victims lined up. I will keep you in the loop on the project but I think it is a good two years away. Maybe less if I can get the time to go where I need to go and get to the people I want to. Anyway the last few nights, I have been in a major Gun Club groove. Damn, those are some amazing records. I have been stuck on Pastoral Hide and Seek. I think we should roll in some GC in November.

I am very excited about hour two of our show tonight. I forget if we have ever played you the live version of the Birthday Party covering the Stooges “Little Doll.” I have a lot of BP tapes and only one has this cover. Whenever I see Nick, I always forget to ask him if they ever did this again. Also, I found a version of Rowland S. Howard singing “Shivers” from the pre-Birthday Party group Boys Next Door. Fanatic, you can watch it here.

Rowland was one serious musician and songwriter. I feel lucky that I didn't need any time for his playing to grow on me. I heard him, and I was good to go. Boys Next Door, Birthday Party, Crime & the City Solution, These Immortal Souls, his work with Nikki Sudden and his solo stuff, all worth checking out.

We are closing out our October shows with the Peel version of the Damned's epic “Curtain Call.” Cool, right?

Like I said, next month, we are going to change things mood wise and start pulling the temperature down somewhat. Next week's show is almost done and it's happening! Tune in if you can.

I hope you are getting in as much listening as you can. I have been going out of my way to make the most of the nights this month. I achieved serious saturation. I hope you had a blast. I hope you dig tonight's show. If you are listening by archive from anywhere else, thank you so much and if you like the show, feel free to tell someone else.

Light it up and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1

01. The Damned – I Believe The Impossible / 12″

02. The Ruts – In A Rut / The Punk Singles Collection

03. The Clash – This is Radio Clash / Black Market Clash

04. Suicide – Chewy-Chewy / Why Be Blue

05. The Stooges – Little Doll / The Stooges

06. Adverts – Television's Over / Singles Collection

07. Cramps – Lonesome Town / Gravest Hits +

08. Tex Rubinowitz – No Club (Lone Wolf) / Lux and Ivy's Favorites Vol. 14

09. Crushed Butler – High School Dropout / Uncrushed

10. Mark Robinson – Tasty Black Licorice / 2003 Teenbeat

11. Slickee Boys – Pictures Of Matchstick Men / Cybernetic Dreams of Pi

12. The Valves – Tarzan of the King's Road / single

13. Minutemen – The Anchor / What Makes a Man Start Fires?

14. Saccharine Trust – I Have … / Paganicons

15. Pere Ubu – Life Stinks / The Modern Dance

Hour 2

01. Generation X – Running With The Boss Sound / Valley Of The Dolls

02. Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules / single

03. Doctor Mix & The Remix – Out Of The Question / Wall Of Noise

04. The Faith – Nightmare / Faith/Void/Faith

05. Bad Brains – You're a Migraine / Black Dots

06. Birthday Party – Little Doll / 11-06-81 Eindhoven Holland

07. Rowland Howard – Shivers / Live Studio 22 (online grab)

08. Crime & The City Solution Adventure Kentucky Click

09. The Snakes – She's Got It Now / I Won't Love You (Til You're More Like Me)

10. The Pagans When I Die / The Pink Album… Plus!

11. The Fall – Hit the North Pt. 01 / 5 Albums Box Set

12. The Damned – Curtain Call / Peel Session

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