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Fanatic! We have a great show for you here.

Hopefully, you will find this to be perfect warm-weather listening. I have listened top to bottom twice and it’s working for me.

Next week, we will have a song by a new project Mike Patton has called Dead Cross. We have been cut loose on one song. It has some language issues, as far as FCC rules, so Engineer X had to remove parts of it. So, if “Grave Slave” sounds like part song/part sashimi, that’s why. He just sent it to me. I’m almost afraid to listen to it but I would rather play the hacked-up version than not play it for you at all. I think we are in a post-FCC world, with podcasts and other means of getting music. Terrestrial radio is somewhat limited, but we carry on nonetheless.

I am just now getting to my Record Store Day releases. I am finishing off The Stooges' Heavy Liquid 2-LP set. It’s mostly stuff you have heard before, but there are a couple of things that I am not aware of turning up on other releases. So many of these tracks have been flogged so many times, I don’t see the point, but I guess there’s always someone like me who will keep showing up.

I hope you got a chance to check out the RSD record that Larry Hardy of In the Red Records and I put out, the Pure Hell 1975 acetate. Both tracks unreleased, only one copy of the source. Now, THAT’S a Record Store Day release, Fanatic. I think there are some left at Midheaven.

So far, we have not been canned, so I am guessing that we will be back with you next week! Until then, fire up the stereo and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Instagram: @henryandheidi

Hour 1
01. Levitations – Mallorca / Typical Girls
02. Lemmy & the WM3 Alliance Band – Thirsty & Miserable / Rise Above
03. Vibrant Thigh – Walking Away / Unzipping the Abstract
04. CFM – The Set Up / Dichotomy Desaturated
05. The Warmers – Totally Free / Wanted: More
06. Rites of Spring – Deeper Than Inside / End on End
07. Summer Flake – Number One / Time Rolls By
08. Antelope – Flower / Reflector
06. Chain & The Gang – What Is a Dollar? / Best of Crime Rock
07. The Scientists – You Only Live Twice / Absolute
08. Mark Robinson – Full-Length Taffeta Gown / Tiger Banana
09. Birthday Party – Sonny's Burning / Bad Seed EP
10. New York Dolls – Looking for a Kiss / New York Dolls
11. Palms – A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again / Stepbrothers
12. Dog Chocolate – I Don't Know / Snack Fans
13. Zig Zags – Voices of the Paranoid / Zig Zags

Hour 2
01. Frederick Michael St. Jude – Babe, Ya Let My Hand Go / Almost Lost
02. David Bowie – No Plan / No Plan EP
03. The Enzymes – Speedwash / (Live @ Madam's Organ 06-12-79)
04. Ty Segall – Connection Man / Manipulator
05. Damaged Bug – Liquid Desert / Bunker Funk
06. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Mojo Hand / Mojo Hand
07. Slim – It's in the Mix / 12”
08. Empire – Him or Me / Expensive Sound
09. The UK Subs – Party in Paris / Punk Singles Collection
10. The Ruts – Demolition Dancing / Grin and Bear It
11. The Vibrators – Whips & Furs / Pure Mania
12. The Lurkers – New Guitar in Town / single
13. The Fall – Garden / Perverted by Language

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