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Fanatics! I don't know why I keep thinking that each show we do is the best one yet, but I almost always do. This is an amazing line up of songs.

I know we have played the Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink track so many times on our show but I can't get past the vocal, it is amazing to me and so, we have to get into it one more time.

The Wire track is dedicated to Engineer X and the Young Will Bentley and myself. It's great track anyway but tonight, it's for the Big Three.

More Lightning Bolt, a great track, much different than last week's.

If you notice, we have the next Buzzcocks United Artists single in our first hour. We have one more to go in our study of the last moments of the band during their UA period. Great music that never gets old.

The Jooklo Duo track: Sax player Virginia Genta absolutely wreaks havoc! Mayhem, even! SO ripping!

I think you will like our Cheech & Chong into Sleep pairing. Seemed like the way to go to bludgeon hour one into submission.

Hour two get interesting with all the new stuff we are bringing to you. New Fall, Kid Congo, Oblivians and UV Race. The last three kindly sent to us by Larry at In The Red records. I don't think any of these are out yet, so we thank Larry for giving us the green light to play them for you. In the Red is a great label, ass you know, we are big supporters here on our show.

Engineer X submits the excellent Gilberto Gil track tonight. Way down at the bottom of the show, you will notice two Fugazi tracks. The first one is an amazing encore of the band from a 1994 show in Delaware. I was at Dischord House the other day when Ian was giving this one a listen. I asked if we could have it for the show and he gave us the go ahead. It goes well with the other Fugazi track, from their soundtrack album, Instrument.

It's a fantastic show. Is it right for a Sunday? What would be the “right” show for a Sunday? I have no idea, really. So, we did what we thought was the right thing. This is the music part. Insults, bad humor and rampant immaturity will no doubt find their place in the spaces in between. You know how we are.

As always, we hope you get a chance to listen in, live, archive, however you can and also hope that you dig what we're putting across.

Spark it up and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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Hour 1

01. Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink – I'm A Spy / Bulb Singles #1

02. Wire – I Am The Fly / Chairs Missing

03. Iggy & The Stooges – Ready To Die / Ready To Die

04. Ty Segall – You Make The Sun Fry / Goodbye Bread

05. Alan Vega – Cry a Sea of Tears / Power on to Zero Hour

06. The Sounds – Charlie Chan / My Doo-Wop Collection Series Vol. 2

07. Syamsudin – Bayang Terbyang / Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2

08. Jooklo Duo w/ Tero Kemppainen – Track 03 / Natural

09. Slant 6 – Partner in Crime / Inzombia

10. Lightning Bolt – Rain On Lake I'm Swimming In / Earthly Delights

11. Sun Ra – Meteor Shower / Continuation

12. The Buzzcocks – Strange Thing / Singles Going Steady

13. The Buzzcocks – Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady

14. Cheech and Chong – Coming Attractions / The Wedding Album

15. Sleep – Dragonaut / Sleep's Holy Mountain


Hour 2

01. The Fall – Noise / Re-Mit

02. The Danger Men – Elizabeth Arcade (Circa 1992) / The Dark Place

03. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Su Su / Haunted Head

04. Ornette Coleman –  Rubber Gloves / Complete Science Fiction Sessions

05. UV Race – A3 Paranoia / Autonomy & Deliberation

06. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Sunday's Coming / Primary Colours

07. Family Fodder – Sunday Girl / More Great Hits!

08. Oblivians – Pinball King / Desperation

09. Erase Errata – Dust / Nightlife

10. Trin Tran – Tall Contest / Dark Radar

11. Gilberto Gil – Vitrines / Gilberto Gil (aka Cerebro Eletronico)

12. Dio – We Rock / The Last In Line

13. See-Saw – Blood Filled Trees / …And The Head Popped Off

14. Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – Wooly Bully / Nuggets

15. Fugazi – Encore – Comedy Of Life / Newark, DE USA 04-14-95

16. Fugazi – I'm So Tired / Instrument

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