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Fanatic! Just like we told you, we are happening on the premiere of the brand new Summer Flake album, Hello Friends, in our second hour. It’s a great record. I am happy we are able to bring this to you before the rest of the world gets it. I have always thought stuff like this was super cool. If I may be so bold, I think our show is the perfect place for something like this.

Please go to www.riceisnice.net for more info on the new Summer Flake album.

Otherwise, we have yet again panned for sonic gold and struck it rich.

The new Lorelle Meets the Obsolete album, Balance, will be out at some point this summer. I have listened to it many times and can’t wait to be able to get tracks to you. I wrote the label today and asked when we could start in; when I get the go ahead, we will go ahead.

Like I have been saying, this is going to be a great year for records, so stay tuned to this show as we will be playing as much great new material as we can get.

Hope you dig the tunes. If you wanna, tell a friend about this show. The more people tuning in, the better.

Love the music and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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Hour 1
01. Rites of Spring – For Want Of / Rites of Spring
02. Sort Sol – White Shirt / Dagger & Guitar
03. The Saints – Demolition Girl / Live at the Hope & Anchor
04. The Tuff Monks – After the Fireworks / single
05. The Sonics – Strychnine / Psycho-Sonic
06. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – It's All Square / So Many Things
07. David Bowie – Cameras In Brooklyn (Up the Hill Backwards) / Monsters To Ashes
08. UK Subs – I Live In A Car (single version) / Singles Collection
09. Iggy Pop – German Days / Post Pop Depression
10. Royal Headache – Distant and Vague / Royal Headache
11. The Damned – 1 Of The 2 / Damned Damned Damned
12. Dee Dee Ramone – I Am Seeing UFOs / Zonked
13. Air Miami – Afternoon Train / Me Me Me
14. Guerilla Toss – Eraser Stargazer Forever / Eraser Stargazer
15. VVV – It's Violence / Resurrection River

Hour 2
01. Summer Flake – Son of a Gun / Hello Friends
02. Summer Flake – Shoot and Score / Hello Friends
03. Summer Flake – I'd Ask You Not to Look Away / Hello Friends
04. Summer Flake – Make Your Way Back to Me / Hello Friends
05. Summer Flake – Tumbling Down / Hello Friends
06. Summer Flake – So Long / Hello Friends
07. Summer Flake – Wine Won't Wash Away / Hello Friends
08. Summer Flake – Satellite / Hello Friends
09. Summer Flake – Look How Far We've Come / Hello Friends
10. Summer Flake – Mess / Hello Friends
11. Reason To Die Young / A Raw Youth
12. Lowtide – Missing History / Lowtide

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