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Fanatic! Thanks for reading this! We have an amazing show for you. First off, we have new tracks by Terakaft, Valet, Thee Oh Sees and some cool Australian bands that have never been on the show before.

The new Terakaft album is called Alone. It’s not available in America and those so inclined might have to shell out a bit to get a copy now. Hopefully it gets into USA and other territories at a more reasonable price. Another beautiful album by Terakaft. Serious guitars.

Julia over at Rice Is Nice Records in Australia sent over a cool mix of bands from Australia that I have never heard before. We rock two tracks from that.

Engineer X is always, I mean always looking for new tunes. He came by the other day and gave me a record Tam…Tam…Tam…! that I have come to really like. He made a CDR transfer of it and so we can lay it on you. If you like what you hear, the rest is happening here.

We have new music by Portland, Oregon’s Honey Owens, also known as Valet. The new album is called Nature and it’s great. We will be rocking a track from it every week. Here is more info on how to order up.

In our second hour, we rock the new album by Newcastle, U.K.’s mighty Bong! It’s called We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been. The folks at Ritual Productions gave us the green light to rock the whole thing. It’s not out yet and due to congestion at the pressing plant, the album’s release is somewhat delayed. Keep checking in with www.ritualproductions.net to see what the status is.

In fact, we will devote the entire second hour to Bong’s mainman Mike Vest. As you might know, he has more than one band going at the same time. If you check track list, you will see three bands in our second hour — all that is Mike Vest-generated material. The man doesn’t sleep!

Check out all the Vestitude here.

Thanks to Ritual Productions and Mike Vest for letting us get this on the air.

It’s a cool/different show and we hope you dig it.

Over listen and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry

Hour 1
01. Terakaft – Anabayou / Alone
02. Empat Lima – Au Go Go / Rice Is Nice Mixtape Vol.2
03. Meicio Askanasy/José Prates/Ivan de Paula – Maracatú da D Santa / Tam…Tam…Tam…!
04. The Carrots – Doing Our Part / Presentando… Las Zanahorias
05. Miriam Makeba – Click Song #1 / Pate Pata
06. Valet – Sunday / Nature
07. Gladys Knight – Letter Full of Tears / Letter Full of Tears
08. R.I.P. Chix – Tempura Nights / Rice Is Nice Mixtape Vol.2
09. The Fall – I've Been Duped / Imperial Wax Solvent
10. Sulix – Planet / bandcamp download
11. Marnie Stern – Year of the Glad / Chronicles of Marnia
12. Thee Oh Sees – Sticky Hulks / Mutilator Defeated at Last
13. Black Tambourine – Dream Baby Dream / Complete

Hour 2
01. Bong – Time Regained / We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been
02. Bong – Find Your Own Gods / We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been
03. 11PARANOIAS – By the Light of a Dying Star [Neutron Start] / Stealing Fire from Heaven
04. Blown Out – Jet Black Hallucinations / Jet Black Hallucinations 

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