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Fanatic! Here we go into December! Engineer X and I have been working for weeks on the shows for this month. Not high on concept as much as just trying to keep it interesting and excellent.


Obviously, whatever Christmas means to you might have you on the move or taking advantage of the holiday period you will be perhaps be afforded. If at all possible listen in if you can, no matter where you are. We are keeping it happening on our end, so now matter where you’re enjoying your time “off,” we will be providing never-take-a-break goodness.

Fanatic, tonight, we have a great two hours planned for you. There are tracks from a lot of new releases as well as a lot of our sonic allies.

The new Ty Segall singles comp LP is out. I got mine today. Great stuff! Here is info.

We will be rocking a track from that one soon. You might have a lot of these tracks on different singles as I do, but it’s always handy to have them in one place.

You might have seen a tweet we turned loose a few weeks ago. We pressed up 100 copies of Fanatic! Vol. 3. It had been out of print for a few years. They went fast.

Earlier at the office, I asked Heidi if we could do short runs of all three Fanatic! books next year. She gave it the green light. So, for early next year, we will print up the first run of Before the Chop II, which is the L.A. Weekly articles I have been writing for the years of 2013 and 2014. After we recover from that, we will do short runs of all the Fanatic! books. They have not been in print at once since 2010. I will let you know when all this happens.

I hope you enjoy the songs we have selected for you. It’s a great thing, isn’t it, hanging out and listening to music? I have been doing this since I was about 7 and it’s never lost its appeal.

Thanks for checking it out and STAY FANATIC!!! 
— Henry

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Hour 1

01. Klaus Schulze – Die Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden – Frühlicht / La Vie Electronique 1
02. Hawkwind – Master of the Universe / In Search of Space
03. Felt Letters – Let's All Dream / single
04. Straight Arrows – Petrified / single
05. Ex Hex – Radio On / Rips
06. Meatbodies – The Master / Meatbodies
07. Melvins – Tipping the Lion (New and Improved) / Electroretard
08. Alunah – Heavy Bough / Awakening The Forest
09. Destruction Unit – Hand Grenade / War Tunes
10. Pharmakon – Autoimmune / Bestial Burden 

Hour 2

01. The JB’s – Hot Pants Road
02. ZZ Top – Humbucking Pt. 2 / Rhythmeen
03. Frank Zappa & The Mothers – Zomby Woof / Over-Nite Sensation
04. Harmonia – Veterano / Musik von Harmonia
05. Nervous Patterns – Black Whole / Nervous Patterns
06. Kindest Lines – Dark Dream / Covered In Dust
07. Frederick Michael St. Jude – Love You Anyway / Here Am I
08. Die Haut & Nick Cave – Pleasure Is The Boss / Burnin' The Ice
09. David Bowie – Black Country Rock / The Man Who Sold The World
10. Ex-Cult – Ties You Up / single version
11. Damaged Bug – Metal Hand / Hubba Bubba
12. J Mascis – Alone / Peel Sessions 

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