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Fanatic! Waging a one-man war against jet lag here in Hamburg, Germany. I am defying the desire to sleep with the Sunset Grove Festival, August 1975 live set from Rallizes Denudes and the promise that if I can stay up for another 45 minutes, I will get to turn the lights off.

Right before I left Los Angeles, I was able to listen to the new album by Thee Oh Sees, A Weird Exits. As you might know, I am unable to find a problem with any record John Dwyer participates on and am glad he is so hard-working. That being said, it is my humble opinion that A Weird Exits might be his best record yet. Thee Oh Sees always deliver in the studio and live, but on A Weird Exits, Mr. John and company deliver three sides of brilliance that is truly outstanding. Put it this way, if you’re a fan, you will be very happy. If not yet initiated, this is a great album to start with.

Also, the new album by a regular on our show, Guerilla Toss, Live in Nashville on Feeding Tube, is a slice of pure awesome. The band crushes it live. At this address, you can get info on the repressing as well as read the blurb I wrote for the album.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete’s new album, Balance, is ready for pre-order here

I don’t want to forget this: On our second broadcast for November, we will start listening to tracks from the long-awaited new album by Point Juncture, WA called Me or the Party. A real double album, clocking in at almost 62 minutes. I listened to it the other night, just amazed. I had heard tracks from it months ago, but on vinyl it is just fantastic. Casey from Party Damage Records and I have been writing back and forth about when to air tracks in line with the release date in early December. He said we could start rolling out tracks in November. We will start on 11-13-16. Very excited about this one.

The new Laurels album Sonicology will be out in mid-October on Rice Is Nice Records out of Australia. We will start tracks from it in mid-November.

Oh, and there is one great track after another on this show. We can’t let a summer pass without some Eddie Gale, so I thought he would be the perfect kickoff.

From Mr. Gale, it’s a fantastic ride, complete with bullfrogs and the occasional toad. That’s a band name waiting to happen. A pal of mine over at Smithsonian Folkways says she might be able to get me a promo 12” x 12” slick of The Biological Significance of Voice in Frogs album because I gotta have one. Last time I was there, I freaked out that there was a promo poster for said album on the wall — never mind that several seconds after seeing that, I was looking at original artwork of Woody Guthrie.

I hope you enjoy the show. I am pretty much on tour until Christmas. Dates can be found here.

Until next week, enjoy the kiln that is L.A. and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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Hour 01
01. Eddie Gale – Black Rhythm Happening / Black Rhythm Happening
02. GØGGS – Shotgun Shooter / GØGGS
03. Thee Oh Sees – Tidal Wave / Live in San Francisco
04. Dinosaur Jr. – Good to Know / Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
05. Male Gaze – Stupid Heart / King Leer
06. Alan Vega – Cry a Sea of Tears / Power Onto Zero Hour
07. Horse Ing Two = Hit – Zero / 2003 Teenbeat Sampler
08. Soccer Team – Problems With Prolonged Youth / Real Lessons in Cynicism
09. Chorus of Bullfrogs with an occasional Southwestern Woodhouse’s Toad heard in the background / Recorded and Narrated by Charles M. Bogert. Sounds of North American Frogs: The Biological Significance of Voice in Frogs
10. Sort Sol – Marble Station / Fog Things
11. Slug Guts – Blacksports / Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat
12. Steven Hufsteter – When a Vampire Ascends the Stairs / Kiss of the Damned
13. Screamin' Jay Hawkins – Alligator Wine / Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie
14. Roky Erickson – Cold Night for Alligators / Gremlins Have Pictures
15. The Four of Us – The Alligator / Teenage Shutdown Vol. 01
16. Miles Davis – Summer Night / Quiet Nights

Hour 02
01. The Mark of Cain – Tell Me / Ill at Ease
02. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Looking at the Picture / Essence
03. The Saints – This Time / Prehistoric Sounds
04. Eastlink – Spring St. / Eastlink
05. The Ooga Boogas – Ooga Booga II / Booga Box
06. Czeslaw Niemen – Plonaca Stodola / Czas Jak Rzeka
07. Mark Robinson – Shut My Mouth / Teenbeat Sampler 2002
08. Relations – When We Get the Word / Club Records
09. The Birthday Party – Dull Day / Prayers on Fire
10. Squatweiler – Arturo / Horsepower
11. The Take – Summer / Gunilla #08
12. Devo – Softcore Mutations / Hardcore Devo Vol. 04
13. Creeping Pink – The Country Has Not Changed / Glass Castle
14. The Ruts – Jah Wars / At the BBC
15. Kikagaku Moyo – Silver Owl / House in the Tall Grass

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