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Fanatic! Have you had a chance to look over the lists for RSD 2016? I am excited and will be after at least half a dozen titles. If I am able to procure, I will get them into the mix as soon as possible.

Please take note, Fanatic, of a few thangs:

On May 22 — yes, I know that it’s a lot of heads-up advance, but nonetheless — KaS Product will be performing at the Echo. Looking forward to this. We will be working in some KaS Product tracks in the weeks coming up and reminding you of this cool event. 

In the Red Records is lighting it up with new releases. As you know, Fanatic, we have been playing some of the new titles quite a bit. Now that you’re warmed up, here is its website to check out these records for yourself. More to come from this great label in 2016.

The Meatbodies' “Valley Girl”/”Hibernation” single is really great. Mail order from your good pals over at Famous Class is right here.

Our sonic ally, the very prolific Jani Hirvonen, aka UTON, featured on this broadcast, can be found here.

The new Lorelle Meets the Obsolete album Balance is amazing. I have listened to it several times. We will be starting tracks from it on May 15. Not sure when it ships but we will be rocking that one all summer.

You might have noticed that the first track of our second hour is veiled in secrecy. Oh, brother. It’s really good.

We hope you dig the show. Well into the May shows and there will be a lot of great new music to be heard, so please try to tune in whenever you can.

Have a great RSD and as well, remember that the 16th is also Ian MacKaye’s birthday.

Keep jamming and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1
01. Butthole Surfers – Graveyard / Locust Abortion Technician
02. The Swans – Coward / LA 1986 (tape)
03. Black Sabbath – War Pigs / Live at Last
04. Fred McDowell – 61 Highway / The First Recordings 1959
05. Minor Threat – Seeing Red / Complete Discography
06. Robert Johnson – Stop Breakin' Down Blues / Centennial Collection
07. Sonic Youth – Star Power / EVOL
08. Bad Brains – I / Banned in D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs
09. Public Enemy – Miuzi Weighs a Ton (demo) / tape
10. Devo – It Takes a Worried Man / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
11. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Live at Woodstock

Hour 2
01. A song that apparently we can’t mention until we actually play it.
02. Mukhsin – Tanjuang Sani / Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 2
03. Totally Mild – When I'm Tired / Down Time
04. Guerilla Toss – Color Picture / Eraser Stargazer
05. Kim Salmon – Making Me Better / My Script
06. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds – La Araña / La Araña Es La Vida
07. Charles Moothart – Habit Creeps / Still Life of Citrus & Slime
08. The Traditional Fools – Valley of the Jams / Fools Gold
09. VUM – You Have Gold / Cryptocrystalline
10. Visitors – Our Glass / Poets End
11. Nervous Patterns – No Control / Nervous Patterns
12. Nun – Uri Geller / Nun
13. Uton – Kumma Kokemus / Psychic Archives Vol. 04
14. Kindest Lines – Baltimore / Covered in Dust
15. Pumice – What Did You Have for Tea Last Night / Puddles

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