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Fanatic! Behold! Engineer X, Engineer Am-Rock and I are back with more primo tunes. This is, as they say, what it’s all about.

Here is an interesting thing I just happened onto: I was digging the Colin Potter tracks we are rocking on our show here and checked him out online and found out that Mr. Potter was quite prolific. I checked out a CD set of his early work called Ancient History. I am digging it so far and we will be getting into that a few shows from now. Also, a new Steven R. Smith/Ulaan Khol project called Salt will hopefully be coming out on Soft Abuse at the end of next month. It’s great. We will be getting into that one soon-ish as well.

As usual, there is a ton of great music happening out there. At this point, we may be beating on you really hard with the Drinks album but it’s really great. Also, I have just heard a proper copy of the new Fuzz double LP Fuzz II. Not only did the band knock it out of the park but John Golden’s mastering is supreme. We will getting into this one heavily.

If you find yourself digging the Moving Gelatine Plates, the re-issued version of the first album sounds really good, so purchase without fear.

I found some great records in D.C. when I was there last week, they will be finding themselves shows upcoming.

Also, so lucky, I got to see Olivia Neutron-John as well Ian Svenonius do sets in D.C. Talk about amazing! Anna told me that the O N-J album will be getting repressed and that she would keep me in the loop on that. I will let you know when and where.

As for the amazing gathering we have here, I am listening to it now and it’s another great mix tape that we hope you enjoy very much.

Fire up those tubes and STAY FANATIC!!! 
– Henry

Hour 1
O1. Ennio Morricone – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly / The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
O2. High On Fire – Slave The Hive / Luminferous
O3. Jimi Hendrix – Can You See Me (mono) / Are You Experienced
O4. MC5 – Poison / High Time
O5. Negative Trend – How Ya Feelin' / EP
O6. Cedell Davis – She's Got The Devil In Her / Feel Like Doin’ Something Wrong
O7. Drinks – Hermits On Holiday / Hermits On Holiday
O8. Charles De Goal – Technicolor / Etat Général
O9. ZZ Top – Heaven, Hell Or Houston / El Loco
10. Aias – Dues Puedres / A La Piscina
11. Moving Gelatine Plates – X-25 / Moving Gelatine Plates
12. Felt Letters – 600,000 Bands / single
13. Chantana – Changwah Disco / Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 03
14. The Sunnyboys – Happy Man / New Kicks
15. Shapes – Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) / Songs For Sensible People
16. Colin Potter – Behind You / We Couldn't Agree On A Title
17. Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy Of Gold / The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Hour 2
O1. Mere Women – Astray / Your Town
O2. Batrider – Drought / Tara
O3. Guerilla Toss – Billy Bloody Idol / Smack the Brick
O4. Gen X – Happy People / Kiss Me Deadly
O5. Terrible Truths – Don Juan / single
O6. Thin Lizzy – Leaving Town / The Man and His Music
O7. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Jet'Aime / Just Because You Can’t See It . . .
O7. Alan Vega – Deuce Avenue / Deuce Avenue
O8. Butch Willis & the Rocks – The Girl's On My Mind / Repeats
O9. The Birthday Party – Say A Spell / Six Strings that Drew Blood
10. The Snakes – Six O'Clock / I Won’t Love You (Until You’re More Like Me)
11. Rites of Spring – Hidden Wheel / EP
12. David Bowie – Art Decade / Low

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