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Fanatics! Thanks for coming to this page and checking out what we have for you this Sunday.

As I write this, I am in New York City. I will be here all week and then off to other parts of America, working on the show 10 Things You Don't Know About.

Engineer X and I have been working hard on these shows for many weeks. It was quite an undertaking to get them all prepared and put together but we did it.

Tonight, we have attempted to do one of our favorite things, the great C-90 mix tape.
I looked up KEG, the Lone Ranger of Rock, to see what he was up to but all the site information I could find was a couple of years old. I hope he has not stopped. I saw him once a few years ago and he was really cool.

I also looked up Thor, who I have not heard from in awhile. Looks like he's still keeping it happening. I met him years ago. I was told that he was going to come to a show of mine and actually brought all my Thor records for him to sign, which he did.

I think I mentioned on last week's show or thereabouts, that we would be getting into some more Les Rallizes Denudes. Their music is not all that easy to get a hold of and sometimes the cost is prohibitive as seemingly, all the records are bootlegs. Takashi Mizutani is a monster guitar player. If you check out some of the re-issued titles on Phoenix, you will make out well. That's a cool and daring label. All those records are not easy sells.

I have become such a fan of Clarinette, also known as Dan Vallor. The track we have of his tonight is exactly why I have all of his records.

The Seluah track, pretty cool, right?

Over the last several months, I have been able to secure a lot of the HTRK records and have been through all of them once. If I get more time coming later in the summer, I will go back through all of them again. My current schedule has me all over the place, so I have to give a lot of records only one spin and it often takes me a long time to go back again. I take notes while I listen, so I can remember what tracks stand out and what to put in our show.

Tonight, we play the Generation X song for Dave Byers of the Enzymes. He really liked that song.

There is a whole new slew of My Cat Is An Alien and related releases. They are damn good, too. I am such a fan. Anyway, here is the Opalio's site address.

I hope you enjoy the show, whenever you're listening and wherever you're listening from.

Enjoy yourself and STAY FANATIC!!!
– – Henry

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Henry Rollins' 20 Favorite Punk Albums

Henry Rollins' Favorite Albums of 2013

Henry Rollins: The American People Kicked Your Ass, Republicans
Henry Rollins: Gay Marriage Is Punk Rock
01. KEG – Get It Up / The Lone Ranger of Rock

02. Birthday Party – Nick The Stripper / Prayers On Fire

03. Thor – Thunderhawk / Ride of the Chariots

04. The Horrors – Who Can Say / Primary Colours

05. Hank Mizell – Jungle Rock / King Federal Rockabillys

06. Les Rallizes Denudes – Dream / Great White Wonder

07. The Intelligence – Moody Tower / Fake Surfers

08. MC5 – Call Me Animal / Back in the USA

09. Ty Segall – Handglams / Twins

10. The Shapes – Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) / Songs for Sensible People

11. Clarinette – Fates Or Furies / Ready Set Disengage

12. Killing Joke – Complications / Killing Joke

13. Rodriguez – Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour / Coming From Reality

14. The Beatles – Taxman (mono) / Revolving

01. Seluah – Black Sand / Red Parole

02. Rites of Spring – Hidden Wheel / End on End + EP

03. The Mae Shi – Spoils Of Victory / Heartbeeps

04. Pure Hell / No Rules / single

05. King Tubby & Soul Syndicate – Dub The Right Way / Freedom Sounds In Dub

06. John Lee Hooker – Make It Funky / Free Beer And Chicken

07. Chrissy Zebby – Tembo Lonely Night / My Ancestors

08. The Cramps – Mystery Plane / All Tore Up

09. Fire Engines – Discord (Peel Session 1981) / Codex Teenage Premonition

10. HTRK – Rent Boy / Marry Me Tonight

11. Generation X – One Hundred Punks / Generation X

12. U.S. Maple – Letter To ZZ Top / Long Hair In Three Stages

13. Brothers From Another Space – Echoes In The Dark / Alienacustica

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