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Fanatic! I hope your holiday routine is going well. This is our last show for the year. I thought we would do a little sum up of the year, some of the records that were really good; you will notice some of them in the show.

This was a GREAT year for records! Every Fanatic has an opinion and as far as standout listens for 2014, here are some of mine in no particular order:


Ausmuteants – Order of Operation
Scott Walker / Sunn 0))) – Soused
Ty Segall – Manipulator
Ty Segall – $INGLE$ 2
Damaged Bug – Hubba Bubba
Thee Oh Sees – Drop
White Fence – For the Recently Found Innocent
Total Control – Glass / Typical System
Straight Arrows – Rising
Useless Eaters – Bleeding Moon
Meatbodies – Meatbodies
Fugazi – First Demo
Ulaan Markhor – Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al.
John Coltrane – Offering: Live at Temple University
Ex Hex – Rips
T.V. Smith – I Delete
J Mascis – Tied to a Star
Trin Tran – Far Reaches EP
Pontiak – Innocence
Jack Name – Light Show
Sleep – “The Clarity” (12”)

I just got out of a plane from Turkey. I am jet lagging at the office working on next week’s show. It’s almost done. I am in the office with a pile of mailers containing records from all over. In the “down time” over the next several days, I am going to try to transfer a lot of vinyl to CDR so I can get it to your ears more easily. We are going to try to get more music from vinyl that’s not in the digital world onto the show. It takes time but I think it’s worth it.

So, we have done another year of listening together. I hope you dug what we have been putting up every week. As you can imagine, even if we were merely dialing in this show, it would take a lot of time. The fact that Engineer X and I are so fanatically into it, turns it into quite an effort, but judging from the mail, it seems to be worth it. That’s good enough for us. The fact that you get something out of the show, that’s all we need to hear.

I can’t tell you what to do of course, but I hope that if you have some holiday time when you’re not out doing a ton of other things, that you get a lot of music listened to and navigate yourself and anyone you are responsible for through this celebratory time of the year.

On behalf of myself and Engineer X, we thank you for sticking with us. Wherever you’re listening from, we truly appreciate your time and hope we are delivering.

Enjoy yourself and STAY FANATIC!!! 
— Henry

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Hour 1
01. Van Halen – Atomic Punk / Live at the Whisky
02. Jimi Hendrix – 3rd Stone From The Sun (mono) / Are You Experienced
03. Pop Group – Citizen Zombie / New Album
04. Tèshomè Meteku – Gara Ser Nèw Bétesh / Ethiopiques 1
05. Sonic's Rendezvous Band – City Slang / Too Much Crank
06. Killing Joke – Primitive / Killing Joke
07. Ty Segall – Cherry Red / $INGLE$ 2
08. Aquarium – Waiting For The Girl / The Aquarium
09. Pere Ubu – Street Waves / The Modern Dance
10. Jack Name – Puffy Cheek Town / Light Show
11. Trin Tran – Far Reaches / Far Reaches EP
12. Lightnin' Hopkins – Happy New Year / Sittin' In With Lightnin' Hopkins
13. White Fence – Arrow Man / For the Recently Found Innocent

Hour 2
01. Blind Lemon Jefferson – Happy New Year Blues / Complete Recorded Works Vol. 3
02. John Fahey – You Can't Cool Off In The Mill Pond, You Can Only Die / The Mill Pond
03. Boris – Spoon / New Album
04. Cramps – Rocket In My Pocket / bootleg
05. Team Doyobi – Goobers / The Kphanapic Fragments
06. Tamikrest – Tidite Tille / Adagh
07. Pseudo Existors – Coming Up for Air / Stamp Out Normality
08. Total Control – Glass / Typical System
09. Ausmuteants – Family Time / Order of Operation
10. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – The Lonely / Corruptible Faces
11. Thee Oh Sees – Savage Victory / Drop
02. Runhild Gammelsæter – Incubation / Amplicon
13. Linda Yong And The Silvertones – Good Luck In The New Year Singapore A-Go-Go

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