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Fanatic! Thank you for checking out these show notes. We have another great set of tunes lined up for you here.

Next week, for our April 3 show, at the beginning of our second hour, we will be rolling out the new Summer Flake album called Hello Friends. It’s great. You have heard a couple of songs weeks ago, but next week we will hear the whole thing. For more info: https://www.riceisnice.net/

For our April 10 show, we will be able to play for you a track from the new Julie Ruin album called Hit Reset. I have not heard anything but the one song. It is fantastic. As soon as we get more of that record to play, believe me, Fanatic, we will get tracks to you ASAP. Hit Reset will be out this summer, so we will be rocking it soon enough. We put in a Julie Ruin track into this mix as well.

I just got the Boris/Merzbow collab four-LP set called Gensho. I have not dug into it too much yet — I think that’s going to take a while — but I will eventually get to it. From what I have learned from reading the credits on the record, it’s part live and part studio. Boris is always worth the time.

I might have mentioned this last week, but the four-LP Bowie at the Beeb set is really worth it. If you have the CD version that came out years ago, this is definitely an upgrade. Several days ago, I listened to the whole thing all the way though in one sitting and it was an incredible experience.

I hope you dig all the tunes listed below and get ready for more great jams coming up next week.

Keep your tubes hot and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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Hour 1
01. Black Sabbath – The Wizard / Black Sabbath
02. Trouble Funk – Say What / Singles
03. Ruts – Babylon's Burning / Peel Sessions
04. Gun Club – Fire Spirit / Fire of Love
05. High Rise – Last Rights / High Rise II
06. Jah Lion – Black Lion / Colombia Colly
07. Pumice – Mothers in Mantis / Puddles
08. Procedure Club – Seventh Circle of Hell / Doomed Forever
09. Julie Ruin – Cookie Road / Run Fast
10. The Fall – The Aphid / Cerebral Caustic
11. Robert Pete Williams – The Woman I Got / Santa Fe Blues
12. Slim Gaillard – Soony Roony (Song of Yxabat) / Laughing in Rhythm
13. Rolling Stones – Heaven / Tattoo You
14. Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music / Beg, Scream & Shout!
15. True Widow – Four Teeth / Circumambulation

Hour 2
01. Iggy Pop – American Valhalla / Post Pop Depression
02. Swans – Your Property / Cop
03. Jay Reatard – Nightmares / Blood Visions
04. Raymond Scott – Bufferin: “Memories” (Original) / Manhattan Research Inc.
05. Patrick Vian – Tricentennial Drag / Bruits et Temps Analogues
06. Ty Segall – Squealer Two / Emotional Mugger
07. Devo – Stop Look and Listen / Hardcore Devo Vol. 1
08. High Tension – Sports / Bully
09. Summer Flake – Blur Me Out / Time Rolls By
10. Soccer Team – Vacations on the Lam / Real Lessons in Cynicism
11. Lower Plenty – Dirty Flowers / Hard Rubbish
12. Heartbreakers – So Alone / What Goes Around
13. The Cramps – Human Fly / Coast to Coast (NYC 9/79) / Coast to Coast
14. The Cravats – Jingo Bells / single
15. Julee Cruise – I Remember / Float Into the Night

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