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Fanatics! Here we are together again. I hope your week has been good. I have been long on work, short on sleep but am getting through just fine. We were shooting at the Smithsonian the other day and one of the curators told us to come visit his section of the museum if we had any time left. We did and went to check out his scene. We were taken to the storage area where he and his team store and prepare items for display. His section is popular culture. The scarecrow's outfit, complete with the hay from Wizard of Oz, Edith's chair from All In the Family, the stopwatch used for 60 Minutes, like that. It was pretty damn cool. As cool as it was, it's not as cool as you tuning into this show.

You know how I am, Fanatic. I think our show is nothing short of fantastic every week. One great track after another. I am willing to bet there is very little on deck for the show that you are not familiar with. I have a lot of new tunes that have been coming in from all over the world, which we will get into later in the summer, as well as an amazing concept show that I think is going to make you smile.
We got a letter about the band Point Juncture, WA last week. Glad to have more of them on the show tonight. Great band, right? I hope you dug the Seluah track, very cool album.

I know we are hitting the Lost Sounds stuff hard lately but it's such a great band, I can't help but hear a track of theirs and want to pass it along.

I am in Washington DC at the moment. It is strange to be here and have so much work to do. We drive to some location, by a place that is familiar to me and it I have to keep my mind on the work, it's an interesting challenge. I have been lucky enough to see Ian MacKaye twice while here. Always great, never enough time.

I have to be up at 0530 hrs., so I better start downshifting. I hope you like the show and as always, thanks for listening.

Never stop listening to music and STAY FANATIC!!!
– – Henry

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Hour 1

01. The Saints – Nights In Venice / (I'm) Stranded

02. New York Dolls – Trash / New York Dolls

03. Point Juncture, WA – Comments In Jars / Juxtapony

04. Empire – New Emotion / Expensive Sound

05. The Damned – Drinking About My Baby / The Black Album

06. Robert Johnson – Drunken Hearted Man / Complete Recordings

07. Count Basie & Jimmy Rushing – She's A Wine-O / The Indispensable Count Basie

08. Al Eide – She's My Wine / Wild Fury

09. Chuck Higgins – Broke / Pachuko Pop

10. Lost Sounds – Frozen In Time / Rat's Brains & Microchips

11. Robert Fripp – Disengage / Exposure

12. Public Image – Public Image Ltd. / Public Image

13. Iggy Pop – Sister Midnight / The Idiot

Hour 2

01. Brian Henry Hooper – What's Real Anymore / Lemon Lime & Bitter

02. The Horrors – Wild Eyed / Skying

03. PJ Harvey – Down By The Water / To Bring You My Love

04. Japandroids – Wet Hair / Japandroids

05. La Sera – Sleeptalking / La Sera

06. Jaguar Love – Polaroids And Red Wine / Hologram Jams

07. Dorothy Masuka – Khauleza / London Is The Place For Me Vol. 4

08. Thor – Now Comes the Storm / Only the Strong

09. Sinn Sisamouth – Waiting For The Moon / Cambodian Rocks Vol. ll

10. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Get Up Morning / Eddy Current Suppression Ring

11. The Sunnyboys – Pain / This Is Real

12. Koudede – Tekédda / Amghar-D'ana

13. Pontiak – This is Living / Living

14. J Mascis – Listen to Me / Several Shades of Why

15. Lou Reed – Vicious / Transformer

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