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Fanatic! We have one great show for you. Straight out of the gate, there is a new track by Damaged Bug, aka John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees. We got the green light from the label to play you this one track from the new album, Bunker Funk. I am not sure when the album comes out but it’s great all the way through and, of course, when we get the go-ahead, we will play you all the other tracks on the album.

New Wolf Eyes, as well, sounds great. I got an email from my old pal Barry Adamson of Magazine, the Bad Seeds, etc. He sent me this track, “Sweet Misery,” which I thought was really cool, so we put that in the mix. I don’t know if you have had the chance to check out the new, well, kinda new Ex-Cult album Negative Growth. It’s really great. I am not sure if we have played any tracks from it before. Well, we definitely are tonight. New Ty Segall as well. His new album is on Drag City. Yet another track from Charles Moothart’s (CFM) new 7” on In the Red as well. It’s a great record. I think Mr. Larry Hardy over at ITR said there will be a new CFM album out this year. Of course, we will be getting into that one as soon as we get the all-clear.

I have been back for about a week. It’s not easy coming down from the speed of a tour. I have been listening to a lot of music every day — that’s helping. Here’s what I listened to yesterday, Jan. 24. Yes, I keep a list.

The Stooges – Rough Power LP
Joy Division – Morituri Tu Salutant – Victory (clear vinyl) LP
Wire – Pink Flag (test pressing Greece) LP
Martin Rev – Stigmata LP
My Cat Is an Alien – On Air at Sound Projecting LP
Klaus Schulze – Blackdance LP24. Folklore Rasse El Oued (single on Orikaphone) 7”
Slugfuckers – Three Feet Behind Glass / Live at Budokan 7”
Jimi Hendrix – Let Me Light Your Fire / Burning of the Midnight Lamp (Spain) 7”
Boomgates / Bats – Widow Maker/December Ice 7”
Les Rallizes de Nudes – Fallin’ Love With (giveaway with Etcetera magazine) 7
Sham 69 – Don’t Wanna / Ulster Boy / Red London (incorrect label version) 7”
David Bowie – Sound & Vision / New Career in a New Town (Australia/New Zealand) 7”
The Stooges – Consolation Prizes / Johanna / Jesus Loves the Stooges (promo) 7”
Albert Ayler – New Generation / Heart Love 7”
Pumice / Grouper – split single 7”

No matter how strange things get, the music will always be there for you.

Life is hard. Get a turntable and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1
01. Damaged Bug – Bog Dash / Bunker Funk
02. Cat's Eyes – Drag / Treasure House
03. Wolf Eyes – Empty Island / Undertow
04. Scattered Order – Slot Car Synth / Prat Culture
05. Barry Adamson – Sweet Misery / new
06. Ex-Cult – New Face On / Negative Growth
07. Ty Segall – Orange Color Queen / Ty Segall
08. The Scorpions – Speedy's Coming / Tokyo Tapes
09. UK Subs – Emotional Blackmail / Brand New Age
10. Parliament – I Can Move You (If You Can Let Me) / Up for the Down Stroke
11. Iggy Pop – Tonight / Lust for Life
12. David Bowie – Black Country Rock / The Man Who Sold the World
13. CFM – Homegrown Paranoia / 7”
14. Public Image Ltd.- Swan Lake (“Master”) / Metal Box

Hour 2
01. Cobwebbs – Kill / All Around
02. Monty Python – Spam Sketch / Another Monty Python Record
03. Astral Skulls – The Day That Never Comes / Contact-Light
04. Au Ras Au Ras – Left / The Great Nothing
05. Ausmuteants – Music Writers / Band of the Future
06. Boris – Room Noise / Pink
07. Guerilla Toss – Eraser Stargazer Forever / Eraser Stargazer
08. Cramps – Mystery Plane (unreleased version) / Songs the Lord Taught Us
09. Isaac Hayes – Walk From Regio's / Shaft
10. ZZ Top – Loaded / Rhythmeen
11. Symbols Do the Zombie / Lux and Ivy's favorites Vol 3
12. The Germs – Media Blitz / Germs Complete
13. The Fall – Neighbourhood of Infinity / Perverted By Language
14. Erase Errata – Tax Dollar / Nightlife
15. Sleep – The Clarity / 12″

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