Fanatic! Just back from a few sleepless days in Belgium, working on a film. Staggered back into the office not two hours ago.

Before that, I was in Chicago for Riot Fest and met Nadya and Masha from Pussy Riot. I was so happy to be able to shake their hands and say hello.

Could it be another show where we’re starting things off with a Alicja Trout track? I think we have done it again.

As always, we seek to provide you, no matter where you are listening from, when or how, with the very best in excellent sounds. We are working on our October shows and will hopefully bring you massive amounts of excellence. I did a month of shows for an Australian station called Double J and worked on all 4 shows at once, like one large canvass. I like this idea and applied it the construction of our shows for October. So, I will have them wrapped up in the next week or so. Work on the shows for that month have been underway for quite some time.


Tonight’s show is relentlessly good. We are rocking a lot of the Ty Segall album but I don’t think we are in any way wearing out its welcome. It’s so damn good. If you are a fan of the man, this is not only an album you really need but this is one that delivers its greatest potential when rocked on LP. This album and the new J Mascis album Tied to A Star are two great ones, newly released, that are really happening.

This Pop Group track we are rocking tonight is part of a new release of rare/unreleased jams of theirs called Cabinet of Curiosities. I have not had the chance to really get into it, I just got my copy several days ago and wanted to get a track from it into our show as soon as I could.

Loving tonight’s Pontiak track. Is that a great bass sound or what?! Really interesting arrangement as well. This is a great band and all their records should be checked out. Live? AWESOME.

So glad we got some more Ex-Cult in the show. If you like tonight’s track, the rest of the Midnight Passenger album is worth checking out. Great band.

I hope you get a chance to listen to this show at least twice. Perhaps three times would be better.

Keep the stereo on and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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01. Black Sunday – Modulated Simulated / Tronic Blanc

02. The Fontaine Toups – You Should Call / TFT

03. Ty Segall – The Feels / Manipulator

04. The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good and Evil / Cabinet of Curiosities

05. Pontiak – Feeding / Sea Voids

06. JJ Burnel – Euroman / So Young But So Cold

07. PJ Harvey – Shame / Uh Huh Her

08. Fat Worm Of Error – Laissez-Faire Is for the Birds / Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies

09. Lydia Kavina – Suite – Moderato / Music From The Ether

10. Inger Lorre – Beautiful Dead / Transcendental Medication

11. Cab Calloway- That Man Is Here Again / 1934 – 1937

12. Kinski – Punching Goodbye Out Front / Down Below It’s Chaos

13. The Android Sisters – Ray-Dee-Oh / the Android Sisters

14. Guitar Welch – I'm Gonna Leave You Mama / Angola Prisoners' Blues

15. I Jog and the Tracksuits – Red Box / Labels Unlimited Comp.

16. Eastlink – Scat / Eastlink

Hour 2

01. Roxy Music – Whirlwind / Siren

02. David Bowie – Sound And Vision / Low

03. The Ruts – West One (Shine On Me) / The Punk Singles Collection

04. The Intelligence – The New Kings and Queens of Musical History / Boredom & Terror

05. Hawkwind – Kings Of Speed / Warrior On The Edge Of Time

06. Ex-Cult – Lights Out Club / Midnight Passenger

07. The Fall – The Knight The Devil And Death / Code: Selfish

08. Ashtray Navigations – Cosmetic Bed / Ten Layer Terror

09. Adverts – We Who Wait / Singles Collection

10. Unrest – Love To Know (b-side of Isabel single) / single

11. Brian Eno – The Fat Lady Of Limbourg / Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy

12. Fire Engines – Discord (Peel Session ‘81) / Codex Teenage Premonition

13. The Hidden Hand – Divine Propaganda / Divine Propaganda

14. Les Rallizes Dénudés – White Awakening / December's Black Children: Live 12/13/80

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