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Fanatic! I am in Groningen, Holland. I am a few shows into a run of 13 in Europe. After these dates are over, I will transition to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and then onto USA. I have shows all the way until the end of the year. I will be doing multiple nights at Largo in L.A., tickets are available for 12-10-16 onward.

Road manager Ward and I have been hitting record stores almost every day, and we’ve been finding great titles every day. If you read my L.A. Weekly piece hitting next week, you can read about a great time we had at Slowboy Records in Dusseldorf, Germany, a few days ago. Easily one of the best record store days we’ve had in a long time.

As you might know, we do an all punk-rock broadcast every August. Well, Fanatic, this is it. If you look below, that’s the mood we’re in for both hours.

I don’t think there are any bands we’re playing you can’t easily get more information on, if you feel so inclined.

Soundcheck looms, so I have to get going. As always, we hope you dig the show and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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Hour 01
01. The Sex Pistols – Just Me (I Wanna Be Me) / Spunk
02. The Clash – Janie Jones / The Clash
03. The Models – Man of the Year / I Wanna Punk Rock
04. The Killjoys – Naïve / Raw Records Punks Singles
05. Wire – 12XU / Pink Flag
06. Generation X – No No No! / single
07. X Ray Spex – Oh Bondage! Up Yours! / single
08. The Adverts – We Who Wait / single
09. Buzzcocks – Breakdown / Spiral Scratch EP
10. The Bad Brains – Pay to Cum / single
11. The Untouchables – I Hate You / Flex Your Head
12. Devo – Social Fools / B Stiff EP
13. The Chiefs – The Lonlies / Hollywest Crisis
14. The Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer / Young Loud and Snotty
15. The Misfits – Horror Business / single
16. The Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules / single
17. Eater – Outside View / single
18. The Teen Idles – Trans Am / Dischord 100
19. The Machines – You Better Hear / Machines
20. The Germs – Manimal / Germs Complete
21. The Ramones – Cretin Hop / Rocket to Russia

Hour 02
01. The Ruts – In a Rut / single
02. UK Subs – I Couldn't Be You / Another Kind of Blues
03. 999 – I'm Alive / single
04. The Vibrators – Yeah Yeah Yeah / Pure Mania
05. The Saints – One Way Street / (I’m) Stranded
06. The Lurkers – Jenny / BBC Punk Sessions
07. Alternative TV – Action Time Vision / The Image Has Cracked
08. The Buttocks – BGS / single
09. The Dregs – Dregs of Humanity / EP
10. The Valves – Tarzan of the King's Road / single
11. Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device / single
12. Urban Decay – Severalls / Anti-State Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 2
13. Crisis – White Youth / single
14. The Afflicted Man – Be Aware / single
15. The Weirdos – Destroy All Music / single
16. Negative Trend – Black and Red / EP
17. The Damned – Smash It Up Parts 1-4 / Machine Gun Etiquette CD extra 

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