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Fanatic! Check out the below playlist, damn it! Looks pretty Damned good to me. We start with assorted tracks and then dive into The Black Album in full. Perfect for October!

At this time, I wanted to bring your attention to two Damned reissues that I think you might want to check out. The great Drastic Plastic label out of Nebraska has been reissuing some serious titles. Two of them are Machine Gun Etiquette and The Black Album. I became curious, after reading stellar reviews. I tracked down the 200-gram black vinyl version of each when I was back in L.A. earlier this month. I think they sound really good. The mids and lows are very open and well-rendered. If you don’t have these albums or are looking to upgrade, this is a good way to take care of that easily. Here is some info in case you want to check them out. DP do not mess around.

Machine Gun Etiquette: Drastic Plastic online link

The Black Album: Drastic Plastic online link

Drastic Plastic just reissued the first Damned album. Very interested to hear what they can do with this one but really, really interested in their reissue of Music for Pleasure they have planned.

Fanatic, as we finish out this most excellent month, I hope that you have been enjoying the shows.

November is going to be great and all the shows are rarin’ to go.

I hope you have been getting in some good listening. I have been trying but must admit to some failure because I have a show a night and that makes for a lot of effort put in that direction.

I Forgot How Great This Collection Is Dept.: The radio sessions of The Adverts. You can hear the band evolve from session to session at an astonishing rate. Not a bad track in the bunch. I was listening to the CD version in Asheville, North Carolina, the other day. What a band!

I spent hours yesterday going through the massive archive of materials left behind by the great Alan Vega. It was overwhelming. It’s like the man never slept. His last paintings are incredible. I also heard some of a new album of his that will be coming out at some point. It is going to knock you out. You know how it is, Fanatic, we will be right in sync with all of that.

Great new music to look forward to. Did you see the PIL Metal Box reissue on the Pledge site? Incredible. You can pre-order on eBay. The pressing will be delayed but it is coming out. Can’t wait for this one.

We have two hours of Damned music here. I think the best thing to do is listen to The Damned all afternoon and then crank up this show.

Dig it with a shovel and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 01
01. The Damned – I Just Can't Be Happy Today (DJ ed.) / Machine Gun Etiquette 25th
02. The Damned – Noise, Noise, Noise (alt mix) / The Utopia Bootleg
03. The Damned – New Rose (Peel session) / Peel Sessions of the Damned
04. The Damned – Stranger on the Town / Strawberries
05. The Damned – Melody Lee / Machine Gun Etiquette 25th
06. The Damned – Plan 9 Channel 7 / Machine Gun Etiquette 25th
07. The Damned – One Way Love / Music for Pleasure
08. The Damned – I Believe the Impossible / single
09. The Damned – Rabid (Over You) / single
10. The Damned – Alone / Music for Pleasure
11. The Damned – Over the Top / Tales from the Damned
12. The Damned – Ballroom Blitz / Machine Gun Etiquette 25th
13. The Damned – Wait for the Blackout / The Black Album
14. The Damned – Lively Arts / The Black Album
15. The Damned – Silly Kid's Games / The Black Album

Hour 02
01. The Damned – Drinking About My Baby / The Black Album
02. The Damned – Twisted Nerve / The Black Album
03. The Damned – Hit or Miss / The Black Album
04. The Damned – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / The Black Album
05. The Damned – Sick of This and That / The Black Album
06. The Damned – The History of the World (Part 1) / The Black Album
07. The Damned – 13th Floor Vendetta / The Black Album
08. The Damned – Therapy / The Black Album
09. The Damned – Curtain Call / The Black Album

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