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Fanatic! In Adelaide, Australia. Soundcheck is soon. Just flew in from Alice Springs. It was my first time there.

I have been hitting the record stores since last week. Melbourne has some great ones. Next time you are there, check Vicious Sloth, Strangeworld and Greville Street. I found amazing stuff in all three. We will be working the tracks into our December shows. Hopefully, the tracks will send you to the internet to find more of the music of all these bands. I got so many records by bands I have never heard of, it’s going to take me weeks to get myself organized to put the songs into the shows. I will get it together over the next few weeks while I do the shows in USA.

I have four more shows here and then onto South Africa and from there, Road Manager Ward and I head to Florida to start to the North American shows.

We hope you have been enjoying the shows we have set out for you so far this September. I have to get to the venue. The show we have lined up for you here is another two hours of great jams.

Play it twice and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 01
01. Dinosaur Jr – Goin' Down / Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
02. The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset / Hit Reset (Radio Edit)
03. Hierophants – Logging Off / High Fashion Sampler
04. Exhaustion – Haus Flipper / Biker
05. Le Forte Four – Columbia-Princeton Low Priority Soybean Meal / The Lowest Form of Music
06. Young – The Mirage / Dub Egg
07. Thee Oh Sees – Dead Man’s Gun / A Weird Exits
08. Tim Presley – Goldfish Wheelchair / The Wink
09. Alex Cameron – The Comeback / Jumping the Shark
10. Wire – Lowdown / Pink Flag
11. The Warmers – Walking Solves It / The Warmers
12. Joy Division – Digital / Substance
13. Clarinette – The Ghost Of Electricity / Fraction & Infinite Suite
14. Johnny Woods – Three O’clock in the Morning / Mississippi Harmonica
15. David Bowie – V-2 Schneider / Heroes
16. Iggy Pop – Tonight / Lust for Life
17. Hawkwind – Motorhead / Warrior on the Edge of Time

Hour 02
01. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – Eco Echo / Balance
02. The Damned – 1 Of The 2 / Damned Damned Damned
03. Pascal Comelade – The Grey Velvet Gentleman / Sentimientos
04. The Blue Jays – Lover's Island / Best of the Doo Wop Ballads
05. The Adverts – No Time to Be 21 / Singles Collection
06. El Guapo – The Time: Night / Fake French
07. Leather Towel – Mean Girls / Towel IV
08. Terry – Girls / High Fashion Sampler
09. Harold McKinney – In The Moog / Voices and Rhythms of the Creative Profile
10. The Fall – Susan Vs. Youthclub / The Fall Vs. 2003
11. Saint Vitus – Look Behind You / The Blasting Concept
12. The UK Subs – C.I.D. / Singles Collection
13. Gen X – Happy People / Kiss Me Deadly
14. The Snakes – Six O’clock / I Won’t Love You (Til You’re More Like Me)
15. Egg Hunt – Me And You / single
16. Roky Erickson – I Walked with a Zombie / 08-20-79 KSJO FM

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