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Fanatic! Another great show lined up for you. I can’t be sure where you’re listening to the show from so I don’t know what the weather is like where you are. Around these parts (Los Angeles) it’s quite warm to the point of feeling like spring. Some of our selections are skewed toward the slightly increased temperatures of the last few days. It sure doesn’t feel like February around here.

We have new Spectres music. Thanks to Joe Spectres for sending us the new Condition album. I am not sure when that one comes out but I will get that information. Until then, we will get more tracks from it to you over the next several weeks.

Worth checking out is a new band that makes its appearance at the beginning of our second hour. They are called Crystal Fairy. Very happy to be able to start playing tracks from this one. You can pre-order from their Bandcamp page. When you do, you get three songs from the album. I figured those would be safe to play, so tonight, we start in with this album that we will probably play all the tracks from. It’s that good. Omar from At the Drive-In, Dale and Buzzo from The Melvins and Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes. That’s the band. It is a great record.

We hope you dig the show.

Keep listening and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1
01. Spectres – Welcoming the Flowers / Condition
02. Ty Segall – Break a Guitar / S/T
03. Black Sunday – This Heart Is Now Aluminum / Tronic Blanc
04. Boris – Pink / Crossing Waltz
05. Huun-Huur-Tu – Hayang (Name of a Hunter) / Where Young Grass Grows
06. Embrace – Last Song / Embrace
07. Sex Pistols – C'mon Everybody / Flogging a Dead Horse
08. Joy Division – Transmission / Warsaw
09. Black Tambourine – Black Car / Complete Recordings
10. The Stooges – Down on the Street / Fun House
12. The Heartbreakers – Born to Lose (Original Mix) / L.A.M.F. Definitive Edition
13. Lamps – Bob the Cat / Lamps
14. Pere Ubu – Thanks / Lady From Shanghai
15. The New Christs – No Next Time / Tales From rhe Australian Underground
16. Tom Waits – The Return of Jackie and Judy / Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
17. Public Image Ltd. – Careering (BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 2-05-80) / Metal Box

Hour 2
01. Crystal Fairy – Drugs on the Bus / Crystal Fairy
02. Meatbodies – Creature Feature / Alice
03. Dahaga Bloom – Supa / No Curtains
04. Buzzcocks – Time's Up / Spiral Scratch
05. Cured Pink – Essential / Four Piece Band
06. Chicos de Nazca – Only Place / Blowing Inside
07. Alèmayèhu Eshèté – Leb Tatèfalètch / Éthiopiques 9
08. Wire – Former Airline / 154 (CD version from 1990’s Japan)
09. Dinosaur Jr. – Over It / Farm
10. Death – Freakin Out / … For the World to See
11. The Misfits – Teenagers From Mars / single
12. Hissyfit – Scrunchie / Gunilla #04
13. Grouper – Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping / Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
14. Charles Edward Cheese Band – White Unicorn / Philosophy of Rap
15. The Ramones – The Return of Jackie and Judy / End of the Century
16. Cobwebbs – Everything in Slow Motion / single

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