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Fanatic! Writing to you from strangely spring-like Köln, Germany. Road Manager Ward and I just got back from a few record stores and there were some great finds. It’s interesting to see how much records you bought for regular price have jumped up over the years. I picked up first pressings of Neu! and Kraftwerk albums, a Prince Jammy album called Destroys the Invaders and a well priced copy of CB 200 by Dillinger. I will be in Stockholm when this show hits the airwaves.

I got a letter from our good pal Jerry over at Smartguy Records. Last week, I incorrectly told you that a track from the Leon EP came out on Hozac but actually it was on Smartguy. Here is that information one more time.

This is a very, very cool show, Fanatic. Check out our second hour! A stack of new tracks from our pals over at In the Red Records.

GØGGS is a collab between Ty Segall, Charles Moothart and Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult; dig them covering Iggy! Wolfmanhattan Project is new joint by Kid Congo. We also have new Kid as well as new Ex-Cult.

But wait, Fanatic, there’s more. We have been given access to the new Charles Moothart solo jam called Still Life of Citrus and Slime. It’s not out until April but we have been given the green light to rock as much of it as we want and I believe we will do just that. It’s a great one all the way through.

Talking about Iggy, I was given a copy of the man’s new album, Post Pop Depression. It’s great and we will be able to start laying tracks on you soon.

This is a show and a half and we hope you dig it. I have been working on my days off and pre-show on our February shows and I must say, they are coming along well. I am halfway done with what will be a great Bowie show for the 28th.

Until next week, dig all this great music action and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry

Hour 1

01. Ty Segall – Candy Sam / Emotional Mugger
02. Frank Sinatra – Parody – River, Stay 'Way From My Door / Saloon Singer
03. Scientist – Rocking / Introducing Scientist
04. The Witch – Off Ma Boots / Lazy Bones!!
05. Tomutonttu – Tomutonto / Tomutonto
06. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Never Understand (alt) / The Power Of Negative Thinking
07. Uton – [Snowflake Symbols] / Say Hello to the Butterflies
08. Boomgates – Layman's Terms / Ninety to the Dozen
09. the Sods – Military Madness / Minutes to Go
10. Kuupuu – Aava / Kulta Sulka
11. Repairs – Cycle / Noise In My Head: Voices from the Ugly Australian Underground
12. Leon Stackpole – The Night So Clear / Leon
13. Aan – Track 04 / Elämän Kevät
14. Black Zeros – Ride / Rice Is Nice Mixtape Vol. 03
15. Alan Vega Trio – Fat City / Cubist Blues

Hour 2
01. GØGGS – Billy Is A Runaway / single
02. Wolfmanhattan Project – Smells Like You / single
03. Ex-Cult – Stick The Knife In / single
04. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Cucuy / single
05. Charlie Moothart – Street Car History / Still Life Of Citrus And Slime
06. Musti Laiton – Kekkone / Kekkonen – Anarchy in the UKK
07. Jay Reatard – Let It All Go / Singles 06-07
08. Family Underground – Track 01 / Consensus Reality
09. Kemialliset Ystävät – Kellari Juniversumi / Kellari Juniversumi
10. Miriam Makeba – Click Song / Live At Bern's Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden, 1966
11. Eric Dolphy – Loss / Stockholm Sessions
12. Scorpions – Longing For Fire / In Trance
13. Roky Erickson – Two-Headed Dog / Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play
14. Damaged Bug – Transmute / Cold Hot Plumbs
15. Frank Zappa – Don't You Ever Wash That Thing / You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 2: The Helsinki Concert

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