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Fanatics! Below, you will see what we have prepared for your hopeful enjoyment. I will be back from location, and we will go for our first live Sunday show.

As some of you know, I have been out on the east coast, working on some television stuff for the last several weeks. I must say, I look forward to being back on the air with you all live.

Due to where I have been and what I have been doing, I was unable to see any of the Boris shows in D.C. and L.A. I got a letter from a Fanatic in San Francisco who said they were awesome up there. I hope that any of you who wanted to got a chance to see them play. We can get into some of those re-releases soon, perhaps next week.

I am sure you heard about the passing of Ray Manzerek. I was lucky to have met the man many times over the years, starting in 1983. He was always very cool to me. We will roll a little Doors on our show to salute this great musician.

Tonight, we will play one of those cool late period United Artists-era Buzzcocks singles. I think we have listened to these before, but I thought playing both songs would be the right thing to do.

In hour two, we start it off with some more of Mr. Hendrix. This time, he's jamming with Larry Young. I don't know anything about this session but it's really cool and I thought you all would dig it.

One of my favorite records on the mighty Dischord label is the self-titled Warmers album; tonight we rock a track from it. If any of you have not checked out the incredible Fugazi live download site, you should. Ian has been adding shows every week. I was at Dischord a few weeks ago and he played me an encore from a show in Delaware, 1995. I asked if we could have the track for our show and he sent it to me. We will roll that one next week, it's great.

New VUM and some Coltrane to end the night. It's the Sunday night graveyard. Welcome, Fanatic, welcome.

I will be doing a book signing for Before the Chop at Mr. Musichead on Sunset Blvd. on May 31st. If you are around and feel so inclined, drop on by.

Grab a shovel, fall in and STAY FANATIC!!!

See Henry's tracklist below

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Hour 1

01. Aerosmith – Rats in the Cellar / Rocks

02. James Brown – Super Bad / The CD Of JB

03. The Doors – Break On Through / The Doors

04. Black Tambourine – We Can't Be Friends (Lost Inner Ear Mix) / Cassette

05. Birthday Party – Six Inch Gold Blade / 07-01-82 Bremen Germany

06. Jane's Addiction – Pigs In Zen / Live and Profane

07. King Sunny Ade – Synchro System / Synchro System

08. Lightning Bolt – Into The Mist 2 / Ride The Skies

09. The Buzzcocks – Are Everything / single

10. The Buzzcocks – Why She's The Girl From The Chainstore / single

11. Bells Of – Ruby Red / 3's Company

12. Sim Sisamouth – Don't Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me / Cambodian Cassette Archives Vol. 1

13. DEVO – Strange Pursuit / Duty Now For The Future


Hour 2

01. Jimi Hendrix & Larry Young – World Traveler / Record Plant Sessions, NYC

02. Albert Ayler – Spirits / Witches & Devils

03. Boris – Track 11 / Vein (hardcore)

04. The Mallard – Iggy Pop / Yes On Blood        

05. Those Naughty Lumps – Iggy Pop's Jacket / single        

06. Iggy Pop – Syracuse – Après

07. The Fall – Free Range (single version) / The Fall Box Set

08. The Warmers – Iwaay / The Warmers

09. Models – Man Of The Year / I Wanna Punk Rock

10. Charles Brown – Drifting Blues / Aladdin Recordings

11. Sun Ra – New Planet / Continuation

12. VUM – I Will Return / new

13. John Coltrane – Sun Ship / Sun Ship

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