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Fanatics! Happy new year to all ya'll! So glad to be heading into a new year with you, here at KCRW, home of the hits! Tonight, we break free of our Bowie thang that we had been doing for the last five weeks. That was a bit intense, wasn't it? I am still getting mail about it, thanks for listening.

If you take a brief glance at the songs below, you will see that we are back to our all over the place mix that includes some not so easy to locate tracks as well as some new artists added to our ever more populated roster.

Check our Fall track tonight, Fanatic! It's the A-side of the band's Record Store Day single from last year. Good song for the current Fall.

A great track we have for you tonight is by Dusty Skull, a band on Dave Sweetapple's label Outer Battery. It's a single and to get it on the show, I needed a digital version, so I wrote Dave and he hooked us up and we will rock this thing. Recently, I got some records from a man named Hayes who runs a label called Perennial out of Olympia, WA. Some cool stuff he's got going. One of the records, I think it may be out of print at this point or at least for now, is from a band called Broken Water. I really liked this EP that the label re-issued recently. We will get into a track from it tonight.

As far as I know, we have not played any Undersmile yet. Cool band. As far as I know, at least two albums and two songs on a split EP, which I have not heard yet. I think it was a fanatic out of the UK who gave me the heads up on the band, very cool.

You are perhaps familiar with Kuodede, the excellent musician, who we have played on our show before. I met him years ago at the Desert Festival in Mali. Great guy and an amazing player. I am so glad to have met and to have seen him play. In October of last year, he was in a car accident and killed. I found this out when I was in Chicago last November. He was very young and no doubt had some great music ahead of him. He had family; it is an awful loss.

So, Fanatic, it's a new year. What shall we get done? I think we should push ourselves out further and further as the Sonic Jihad goes on. Last year, I think we covered a lot of ground. It is up to myself, Engineer X and the Young Will Bentley to keep this thing interesting and challenging and I think we will realize the objective. We have a lot more of this cool music from Finland to get into, there is so much of it.

Also, there is new Nick Cave, Marnie Stern and live Miles Davis albums slated for release this year, soon, too. We will get into all of that as soon as we are given the green light. Be looking for Craig Leon's great album Nommos is getting re-issued on Superior Viaduct. This is a very cool record by the man who produced the first Suicide album. An original will make you bleed but the re-issue will treat you nice. We have played something from it before but we'll get into that one for sure.

I have been digging this new Miles thing big time. I think it comes out at the end of January. It's that road band he had for awhile. Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette. Some of you Fanatics have some of these recordings on bootleg and they sound ok but the official release sounds better. This is one smokin' release. Miles fanatics, get ready! We will get into this one as soon as Sony gives me the green light.

I listened to a lot of music over the last couple of weeks. Here's a partial list:

Aan – Kultainen Kupoli

Aan – Ajaton Vie / Pseudoarcana

Aan – Elämän Kevät

Aan – Salamaa / Ikuisus

Acid King – Busse Woods

Aethenor – En Form For Blå – VHF

Armchair Migraine Journey –

Armchair Migraine Journey – Split w/ Edward Kas-Pel – Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Two – Beta-Lactam Ring

Ashtray Navigations – The Original Wooden Forest / Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers

Avarus – Posum Ekor Kait Dataran

Baker, Aidan – Pure Drone (Drone Compendium One) / Bet-Lactam Ring Records

Bong – Bong

Bong – Beyond Ancient Space / Ritual

Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band – Tadpoles / Liberty

Bonzo Dog Band –

Bowie – Station to Station (RCA Germany)

Bowie – Scary Monsters (RCA Germany)

Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World (RCA Germany)

Bowie – Lodger (RCA Germany)

Broken Water – Peripheral Star EP / Perennial

Burning Star Core – Challenger

Burning Star Core – Blood Lightning / No Fun Productions

Burning Star Core – A Brighter Summer Day / Thin Wrist

Burning Star Core – Live at the Paper Cut Theater

Cairo Pythian – Towytowne / Perennial

John Coltrane – Live in Japan

Magic Carpathians Project – Ethnocore 2: Nytu

Neil Campbell – String Quartets, Loops, Garden Talk

Milk Man – Free Porcupine Society

Damned – The Black Album

Death Comes Along – Psychedelic Inferno (400 pressed) – Psychedelic Inferno

Dinosaur Jr. – I Bet On Sky

Dinosaur Jr. – Dinosaur

Doktor Kettu – Kriegsphilosophie

Doktor Kettu – Soft Delirium / Super Metsa

Early Man – Demon Problems / split single on Relapse

Electric Wizard – Let Us Prey

The Fall – Night of the Humerons single / Cherry Red

Family Under ground – Solar Topic

Fursaxa – Alone in the Dark Wood / Eclipse

Fushitsusha – green sleeve new April 2012

Ghosts Brames Of The Cerf – Quotidian Furtivian

Robert Horton – Washed Out Head Space / LTJ 40

Keiji Haino + – In A Flash Everything Comes Together . . . / Black Truffle

Barre Phillips / Keiji Haino / Sabu Toyozumi – Two Strings Will Do It

Hendrix, Jimi – Blues

Hendrix – War Heroes

Hototogisu – Chimrendammerung

Iggy – The Idiot / RCA

Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy

Kemialliset Ystävät – Varisevien Tanssi / Silmujen /

Kraftwerk – Autobhan

Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian

KuuPuu – Kuupuu / self released

KuuPuu – Kevätlauluja / self released

Lamps – Lamps / In The Red

Lamps – Under the Water Under the Ground

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II – Atlantic

Lost Sounds – Black Wave

Lost Sounds – Memphis Is Dead

My Cat Is An Alien – El Segno

Nurse with Wound – Space Music / Beta-Lactam Ring

Nurse with Wound – To The Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl

Oikos – Ecotono / Utech

Orange Car Crash – Lights in the Space Room / Opax

Psychedelic Aliens – Psycho African Beat / Academy

Damion Romero – Twins / Tone Filth

The Ruts – The Crack

Sonskull – Wiped Clean / Perennial

Stick Insect – Stick Insect / Teenbeat

Stooges – Stooges / Elektra

Thee Oh Sees – Masters Bedroom

Thee Oh Sees – Warm Poison

Undersmile – Sea of Snakes

Uton – Solar Topic

Uton – Skull Bundle Vol. 3

Tyvek – Nothing Fits

VA – Transmit Acoustique Abstraction ½ / Beta-Lactam Ring Records

Vibracathedral Orchestra –

Yellow Beard – Yellow Beard / Ultra Eczema

Young Prisms – Apartment Song EP – Intercoastal Artists

Zaika – Ice Shield / Heavy Blossom

Zaika – I – IV / Eclipse Records

Zappa – Apostrophe

Zappa – Weasels Ripped My Flesh

I hope you got some good listening done over the last several days. Please tune in to the show if you can.

For you Los Angeles based folks, I will be doing two sets at McCabe's on Friday January 18th.

Also, we pressed the End of Silence Demos onto a nice 2 LP set that is available now.

Listen with your 2013 ears and STAY FANATIC!!!

Read Henry's tracklist below.

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Hour 1

01. Buzzcocks – Harmony in My Head / Singles Going Steady

02. Nico – Henry Hudson / The Drama Of Exile

03. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures

04. The Damned – Feel the Pain / Damned Damned Damned

05. Metal Urbain – Panik / L'‚ge D'or

06. The Fall – Victrola Time / Record Store Day Single

07. Dusty Skull – My Fang / single

08. Broken Water – Peripheral Star / Peripheral Star EP

09. Black Eyes – Spring into Winter / Cough

10. The Horrors – Who Says / Strange House B-Sides

11. Lost Sounds – Throw Away / Black Wave

12. Magic Carpathians Project – Water On The Hill Ultimate / Euscorpius Carpathicus

13. Chain & The Gang – Certain Kinds of Trash / In Cool Blood

14. Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues / The Best Of The Mono Recordings

15. Los Dug Dug's – Eclipse / Los Dug Dug's

Hour 2

01. Frank Wright – Being / Uhuru Na Umoja

02. Undersmile – Qaanaaq / Narwhal

03. Young Prisms – Breathless / Friends For Now

04. Kuodede – EwelaI Gorassane / Amghar D'ana

05. Can – When Darkness Comes / The Lost Tapes

06. Sort Sol – Lost His Head / Fog Things

07. Rondelles – Revenge / Shined Nickels And Loose Change

08. Ukyaw Nyunt &Yee Yee Thant-Father Kyaw the Drunk Nat / Folk & Pop Music of Burma Vol.3

09. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – Hunting Tigers Out In “Indiah” / Tadpoles

10. Brian Eno & Jah Wobble – Spinner / Spinner

11. Buck Gooter – Dead Rats / Witch Molecules

12. Rollins Band – Obscene / End of Silence Demos

13. Baris Manco -Tavuklara Kisst De! / 2023

14. Pink Fairies -Do It (single edit) / Never Never Land

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