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Fanatics! Tonight is one of our concept shows and has everything to do with why I am in Washington DC tonight. I'm here presenting a documentary about a spray paint artist and cultural force in DC. The film is called The Legend of Cool Disco Dan.

If you take the time to check out the trailer, you will get an understanding of who Cool Disco Dan was and why he is important to Washington DC.

Several months ago, Roger Gastman, who put the documentary together, contacted me and asked if I would do the narration on the project. I did it on a break between legs of last year's tour.

It's a great piece of work and if you get a chance to see it, I think you're really going to like it. I will be part of three different events over the weekend.

Night one is Friday. I will do a three hour DJ set at the Corcoran Gallery where a lot of Go-Go and punk memorabilia will be on display. Engineer X glued all the songs together so I don't have to stand around hitting buttons and trying to act like that's really a job.

Saturday night is the premier of the documentary at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, MD. I will be presenting the film for two showings.

Sunday night is a show at the 9:30 Club. Trouble Funk, Black Market Baby, GI, Scream, Junkyard Band and others will be playing. I will be bringing the bands on and off stage. I think this will be the third time I have done this kind of thing at the 9:30. Monday, I will be getting up at a brutal hour of the morning and heading back to Los Angeles.

I took some of the music I am using for the Corcoran event and made it into tonight's show. It's all DC area goods. It's the Punk Rock mixing with the Go-Go. It's a great one from top to bottom and we hope you dig it.

As much as I hate to be away from the live setting for our show, Roger asked me to come out to DC and do all this stuff, and I really wanted to say yes and be part of the whole thing. A chance to see the Junkyard Band?! Trouble Funk?! Of course, Ian MacKaye will be there and that's a good deal as well.

In other news, my next book Before the Chop, will be going to the printer soon. I will let you know how that is shaping up when we have a schedule more in place. It's all up to the printer and how many projects there are ahead of us.

THIS JUST IN DEPT.: Just got the press release from Kathy Asheton and the Stooges live DVD is set for release. I was at this show. It was a scorcher. Here's the information.

I don't think we have done show like this one before. That's what it's all about, isn't it? I believe it is! Until next week, stay loose and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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See Henry's tracklist below:

Hour 1

01. Chuck Brown – Busting Loose / 12″

02. Teen Idles – Get Up and Go / Minor Disturbance EP

03. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum / single

04. The Untouchables – I Hate You / Flex Your Head

05. Slim – Don't Touch That Stereo / 12″

06. The Enzymes – Speedwash / old tape

07. Youth Brigade – Barbed Wire / 20 Years Of Dischord

08. Red C – Pressure's On / 20 Years Of Dischord

09. Deadline – Hear The Cry / Flex Your Head

10. Hot, Cold Sweat – Meet Me At The Go Go / 12″

11. White Boy – Electronic Suicide / single

11. JJ Starr – Roll Call (w/ Lady T) / taped off radio 1986

12. The Screamer – Filing Cabinets / The Screamer


Hour 2

01. Macattack – Art of Drums / 12″

02. Minor Threat – Seeing Red / Complete Discography

03. Faith – Subject To Change / Subject To Change

04. Beefeater – Just Things / House Burning Down

05. Scream – Search For Employment / 20 Years Of Dischord    

06. Experience Unlimited – EU Freeze / 12″

07. Fugazi – Glue Man (Peel Session) / CDR

08. Fire Party – Cake / Fire Party

09. Trouble Funk – Part A / Live

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