KCRW Broadcast #169 for Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Fanatics! Take cover! If you check out our show for tonight, you will note we have a bit of a concept happening here. I have broken down the two hours below, so you can quickly see what we're getting at here.

Our first hour is songs hopefully by the original artists that made them famous. If I did not get to the most original artist or band in this first hour, my apologies. In our second hour, we will be checking out cover versions of the songs in the first hour, track by track. I started working on this show weeks ago, thinking it was a cool idea. What became challenging was to get track times to add up in a way to keep it happening track to track in both hours. It ended up being a very involved process of pairing up songs and moving them around. Finally, I had it all together and ready to present to you. Hopefully, you will dig it.

It is difficult, if not impossible to do justice to a Stooges song. It's one of those cases where the original is just fine and it needs no other interpretation. That being said, now and then, someone takes a song to another place and makes it interesting. I think the Doctor Mix and the Remix versions of “No Fun” are really cool, as is the Sex Pistols version for sheer force and the vocals of Johnny Rotten. Joey Ramone did a great job on his version of 1969 on his solo album Don't Worry About Me.

We could have very easily gone with the excellent cover of “Shakin' All Over” done by Generation X, but I thought perhaps the Lemon Kittens version was a bit more out there, and since we don't play them all that often, that was the way to go. Also tempting to go with Dinosaur Jr.'s version of the Kiss track “Goin' Blind.” Perhaps we'll play that one later in the summer.

Here's something to note: We will be back together live on the radio next weekend. I will be off the road for a few weeks, working on things in L.A., and this allows Engineer X, the Young Will Bentley and myself to be with you all live. Always the best scenario. I have a few weeks between this leg of the tour and the European festivals I will be at in late July and August.

I have already started plotting and planning next week's show. Perhaps we can take it out there into some stranger places; maybe it's time for all of us to stretch a little. I'll see what I can do.

Enjoy tonight's show and STAY FANATIC!!! –Henry

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Read Henry's tracklist below.

Hour 1

01. Roky Erickson & The Aliens – I Walked With A Zombie / The Evil One

02. Little Richard – Tutti-Frutti / single

03. Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes / single

04. The Stooges – No Fun / The Stooges

05. Richard Berry & The Pharaohs – Louie, Louie / Have Louie Will Travel

06. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Clear Spot / Clear Spot

07. Tom Waits – I Don't Wanna Grow Up / Bone Machine

08. Johnny Kid & The Pirates – Shakin' All Over

09. David Bowie – Suffragette City / Ziggy Stardust

10. Hank Mizell – Jungle Rock / The King Federal Rockabillys

11. Jimi Hendrix – I Don't Live Today (mono) / Are You Experienced?

12. Randey Alvey – Green Fuz / single

13. The Standells – Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White / Nuggets

14. Lee Hazelwood – Some Velvet Morning / The Cowboy & The Ladies

15. Kiss – Goin' Blind / Hotter Than Hell

Hour 2

16. R.E.M. – I Walked With A Zombie / Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye

17. Marathons – Tutti Frutti / Talkin' Trash

18. Black Sabbath – Blue Suede Shoes / We Love You All

19. Doctor Mix & The Remix – No Fun (album mix) / Wall Of Noise

20. Motörhead – Louie, Louie / All The Aces

21. Scientists – Clear Spot / Blood Red River

22. The Ramones – I Don't Want To Grow Up / Adios Amigos

23. Lemon Kittens – Shakin' All Over / Spoonfed And Writhing

24. Alice In Chains – Suffragette City / Heroin

25. Weirdos – Jungle Rock / Weird World: V2

26. Beauty Pill – I Don't Live Today / Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

27. Cramps – Green Fuz / Psychedelic Jungle

28. Minor Threat – Good Guys / Complete Discography

29. Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard – Some Velvet Morning / Honeymoon In Red

30. Melvins – Goin' Blind / Houdini

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