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Fanatics! I think we have achieved a state of mixiosity so breathtakingly good, I have no other choice than to conclude that this is going to be two of the best hours of your weekend. Of course, we love all of the music that we play but sometimes it all comes together in a way to where upon playback, you think you have tapped some force greater than yourself. And that Fanatic, is what has happened here. Behold this cornucopia of cool that awaits you below!

Again, we are starting a show with some Keiji Haino. I think it's a great room clearing device. He separates the wheat from the chaff quite well. He is, thankfully, a very prolific art terrorist. I have heard a lot of his work but have a lot of his collaborative efforts for last and they have proven to be excellent as his solo stuff as well as with his band Fushitsusha.

Before we go too far, let's mention just how much ass is being kicked by the In The Red label right now. Releases are fairly flying out the door of this place like there is no tomorrow and it's all rockin. The label has re-released a Ty Segall/Michael Cronin album that we will be visiting briefly tonight called Reverse Shark Attack. I love this album and that it is easily available again is such a great thing.

I am trying to take advantage of all the new records that have come in over the last several weeks while I was on tour. I am sifting away but am making progress and bringing it to you as best I can. Our first hour shakes rattles and rolls pretty well and I hope you like it.

In hour two we change things up just a bit. Some new UV Race, again from your do good pals at In the Red and some Fang Wizard from the Teenbeat label. More Lamps and some demo Le Butcherettes. Perhaps some of you have checked out Terri Gender Bender / Mars Volta members new project Bosnian Rainbows. On their site, they say there is an album that will come out in early in 2013, hopefully, that's now-ish. Young Will Bentley saw them and said they were really cool. I am not surprised. I hope I get to see them sooner than later. We will get their music on our show as soon as we can.

If you go way down the list in our second hour, you will see a Valet track. It's been several weeks since we last checked in with Valet who isn't so much a band but musician Honey Owens. I ran into a cool compilation CD recently called Ambient Not Ambient and was happy to see a Valet track on there that I wasn't familiar with. Cool. I wrote Honey and told her we had a Valet track happening for our show and she said she was going to be sending some local records down from Portland, so hopefully we'll be able to check them out soon. Also, you notice another White Mystery track. That's from an album that will be out in April. They sent me the record and it's really great. I wrote the band and asked permission to play something and they directed me to tonight's track. I don't know anything about Michael Yonkers but this album Period sounds really cool so I thought we would put a track into the show. We will finish with a track by the late Dee Dee Ramone. I believe that is his wife on vocals.

I think we have a great show for you all tonight. I have listened to all the tracks in sequence a couple of times and I think it is very happening gathering of sound. I hope you like it. Tonight, we will be without Engineer X and Young Will Bentley but we have Mari and Amy instead, which means we're probably all going to jail. I have no idea what that means. Check in with us Saturday night and STAY FANATIC!!!

Read Henry's tracklist below.

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Hour 1

01. Keiji Haino & Fujikake Masataka – ? / So That the Alphabet May Disappear

02. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – I Wear Black / Reverse Shark Attack

03. Redrot – Prophet Of Confusion / Industrial Isolation

04. The Saints – Private Affair / Eternally Yours

05. Fang Wizard – Czechlets / Pure Hex

06. Coachwhips – I Drank What? / Bangers Vs. Fuckers

07. True Widow – Minor It Down / True Widow

08. Trinity – Promise Is A Comfort To A Fool / Shanty Town Determination

09. Thin Lizzy – Romeo and the Lonely Girl / Jailbreak

10. Melt-Banana – Key Is A Fact That A Cat Brings / Cell-Scape

11. Boris – My Neighbour Satan / Smile

12. Emeralds – The Loser Keeps America Clean / Just To Feel Anything

13. Ensemble Instrumental De Guinée – Koulandian / African Pearls Vol 2: Guinea Cultural Revolution

14. My Bloody Valentine – Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) / Isn't Anything

Hour 2

01. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Memory Lane / Primary Colours

02. UV Race – Life Park / Racism

03. Lamps – Fear Of Sailors / Under the Water Under the Ground

04. Le Butcherettes – Kiss & Kill / Kiss & Kill

05. Gun Club – Sleeping In Blood City / Miami

06. Dr. John – Mama Roux / Gris-Gris

06. Bootsy Collins – Mug Push / Ultra Wave

07. Miriam Makeba – Click Song #1 / Pata Pata

08. The Stooges – Real Cool Time / The Stooges

09. Black Sabbath – Tomorrows Dream / Vol. 4

10. Tomorrow – Hallucinations / Tomorrow

11. Valet – Burmajuama / Blood Is Clean

12. White Mystery – Secret Garden / Telepathic

13. Michael Yonkers With The Blind Shake – So Be / Period

14. Dee Dee Ramone – Rock and Roll Vacation in LA / Hop Around

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