KCRW Broadcast #148 for Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fanatics! As you know, I am on the road and will be for some time. Engineer X, the Young Will Bentley and I got together recently at the Auxiliary Wing of the Jasonic Temple and put together a fine show for you all. As you can see below, we have a few songs from Scotland as I will be onstage in Glasgow Saturday night.

We are taking in another play of last week's Vum track, I think it's a great one. It's been awhile since we played something from the Bark Bark Bark record, so I thought it was time to get back into that one.

You are no doubt familiar with a lot of our great artists we have lined up for your enjoyment tonight. If we can't be live, I think it's better to remain in slightly more familiar territory. Think of our show tonight as a really good mix tape.

If you notice in our second hour, we have a bit of a Boris concept happening.

This is a great gathering of immense talent and I do hope you enjoy it.

I am doing my level best to battle back against the jet lag that keeps me a little clouded. I think today is the day I get it beat. It better be. I am onstage in eight hours!

Dig the show sand STAY FANATIC!!! –Henry

Henry can be reached at: Henryontheradio@gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter @henryrollins.

Read on for Henry's tracklisting.

01. The Horrors – Gloves / Strange House

02. The Rezillos – Flying Saucer Attack / Can't Stand the Rezillos

03. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Upside Down / 21 Singles

04. Vum – Savage / Night Sun

05. The Hawnay Troof – Gloria / Dollar & Deed (clean)

06. Melt-Banana – Like A White Bat In A Box, Dead Matters Go On / Cell-Scape

07. Japandroids – Wet Hair / Japandroids

08. Bark Bark Bark – Haunts / Haunts

09. Thee Oh Sees – Heavy Doctor / Carrion Crawler / The Dream

10. Frank Zappa – Excentrifugal Forz / Apostrophe

11. Scrapper Blackwell – Cold Blooded Murder / Scrapper Blackwell 1959-1960

12. Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak / Thin Lizzy: At the BBC

13. Babs Gonzales – Loop-Plu-E-Du / Babs Gonzales 1947-1949

14. Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Johanna / Kill City

15. Fire Engines – Discord (Peel Session, 1981) / Codex Teenage Premonition

16. Boris – Jackson Head / Heavy Rocks

17. Roky Erickson – Cold Night For Alligators / Gremlins Have Pictures

18. The J.B.'s – Hot Pants Road / Funky Good Time: The Anthology

19. Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard – French Revolution Blues / Live in Augsburg

20. The Buzzcocks – Time's Up / Spiral Scratch

21. The Adverts – Television's Over / Radio Sessions

22. The Contortions – I Don't Want To Be Happy / Buy

23. Charlie Parker – Be-Bop / The Complete Live Performances On Savoy

24. Eric Dolphy – Lost In The Night / Hot, Cool & Latin

25. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – 007 (Shanty Town) / Original Reggae Hitsound

26. Mahmoud Ahmed – Ohoho Gèdama / Ethiopiques 7: Erè Mèla Mèla

27. Le Butcherettes – Mr. Tolstoi / Sin Sin Sin

28. Deadboy & The Elephantmen – What The Stars Have Eaten / We Are Night Sky

29. Boris – Jackson Head / New Album

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