KCRW BROADCAST #117 for Saturday, June 4.

Fanatics! I am taking the last few minutes of the cool of this room to write you. I am about to step out into the heat of India. We got to Ahmedabad out of Delhi last night and even when it was almost dark, it was well in the nineties. Today, we will be out in it all day. We have been shooting footage in India for the last several days and still have a lot to go here. This is my third time to India. I recommend checking the place out. It's like no country I have ever been to before.

I will be back with you live next week and I warn you beforehand, there will be a bit of Dax Riggs on the show since the man and his band will be in L.A. Friday and Saturday night.

If you notice, we have two Boris songs tonight. Boris have released two albums at once, Attention Please and Heavy Rocks. Both are great! I can recommend either one but it's Attention Please that stands out to me at least because it's really different from what they have done in the past. I know what you might be thinking, Fanatic, different isn't always a good thing for a band and that's sometimes true but when the band is as interesting and solid as Boris, different is exactly what you want. Good band, good instinct. This is where this new Boris album really succeeds. I got the records a few weeks ago from Engineer X and played them back to back. Great night of music for sure. I figured we should start each hour of the show with a track from each record. Fo mo info.

I think you will find tonight's set list to be to your liking. I wanted to put together something good for a night of warm air as we find ourselves in hotter environments as summer sets in. As to heat, it's been a nonstop oven here in India. We have been shooting footage for National Geographic here and in Vietnam for several days now. It's been great so far but the heat has been incredible. We get back to the hotel at the end of the day and can't do much more than eat and get to our rooms. Today is going to be very hot. It's only 0646 hours, and as I write this, it is already piping hot outside.

On Monday, the LA Weekly will run a brief write up I did on Dax Riggs in the online version of the paper; Thursday they will run it in the print version. If you are in L.A. next weekend, try to make it to see Dax at the Echo. I will be getting back to L.A. on Friday from all this via the Bonaroo Festival, where I will be onstage next Thursday. I will try to get to one of the shows.

Ok, Fanatic, I am going to leave the below set list in your capable hands and you will make of it what you will. I hope you will tune in and check it out. I think these weekly get-together are very worthwhile.

Listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!! –Henry

Henry can be reached at: Henryontheradio@gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter @henryrollins.

Read on for Rollins' list of tracks:

01. Boris – Tokyo Wonder Land / Attention Please

02. David Bowie – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) / Scary Monsters

03. L. Subramaniam – Invocation to Lord Ganesha / Anthology of South Indian Classical Music

04. John Cale – Chickenshit / Sabotage

05. The Fall – Surmount All Obstacles / Middle Class Revolt

06. PJ Harvey – Kamikaze / Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

07. Thee Oh Sees – Stinking Cloud / Castlemania

08. Untitled / Sound Of The Indian Snake Charmer

09. Sun Ra – India / SuperSonic Jazz

10. Devo – Snowball / Freedom Of Choice

11. The Saints – This Perfect Day / Eternally Yours

12. Frank Zappa – Would You Go All The Way? / Chunga's Revenge

13. Fugazi – Margin Walker / 13 Songs

14. Jimi Hendrix – Can You See Me (mono) / Are You Experienced?

15. Marnie Stern – The Weight Of A Rock / In Advance Of The Broken Arm

16. Boris – Window Shopping / Heavy Rocks

17. Stan Getz & João Gilberto – Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) / Getz/Gilberto

18. Tom Waits – God's Away On Business / Blood Money

19. Dillinger – Cokane In My Brain / Ultimate Collection

20. Scott Walker – Funeral Tango / Sings Jacques Brel

21. Emerson String Quartet – Nr. 4, Sz 91 2. prestissimo, consordino / String Quartets

22. Michael Finnissy – The Seeds Of Love” / English Country-Tunes

23. The Sisterhood Of Convoluted Thinkers – Ami-Chan, Mai-Chan / Ume Sour

24. The Big Bopper Big Bopper's Wedding / Hellooo Baby!

25. Wire – Sand In My Joints / Chairs Missing

26. Misfits – 138 / Static Age

27. Duke Ellington – Jubilee Stomp / Complete RCA Victor Recordings

28. Fats Waller – Eep, Ipe, Wanna Piece Of Pie / Last Years (1940-1943)

29. Slim Gaillard – Yep Roc Heresy / Legendary McVouty

30. Cab Calloway – The Jumping Jive / Cruisin' With Cab

31. Babs Gonzales – Prelude To A Nightmare / Weird Lullaby

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