Fanatics! We are happy and excited to bring you this tremendous batch of tunes for your great enjoyment.

I have been in hot weather for weeks and while it makes some of the work environments a bit much, for the most part, I have been enjoying the warm nights.

It was crazy but we had three days off a few days ago. Some things moved around and all of a sudden we were loose for 72 hours. I took a train to Washington DC to hang out with Ian MacKaye and do as much walking around as I could. Such a great time. To have that amount of time without having to be somewhere and do things at the right time is unfamiliar to me and I really enjoyed it. When he and I get together, we talk for literally hours. We have a friendship of over 40 years, it’s an amazing thing. As you can perhaps imagine, we talk about music a lot. Ian is a true music fan. He makes it, produces it, reads, listens, deconstructs and lives in the world of music. He is always a source of great suggestions. I always look at the records he has closest to his record player whenever I am at this house. This time around, it was a Pagans LP called What’s This Shit? 1977/1979. Looked very interesting. I found a copy and will report to you when I get it. The tracklisting looks great.
July 14th, 1980, Malcolm Owen, vocalist of the Ruts, died of an overdose. As you know, Fanatic, we listen to a lot of Ruts on this show. Always have and always will. This sad anniversary is the day after this show, so we have to make note. If you get a chance on the 14th, please play some Ruts music and if at all possible, turn someone else onto the band. Let’s keep this thing going. This is how we are finishing the show, so hopefully, you will carry on with your Ruts jams. I have been lucky enough to have met three of the four members and they are and were tremendous guys.

Got an email from one of my favorite guitar players of all time, Nicky Garratt of the UK Subs. He has a new record coming out and has sent it our way. We will get that on the show as soon as possible.

Stephen O’Malley, total music monster, prolific and ALWAYS worth checking out, wrote a few days ago. He is one of the people on the Sunn 0))) / Scott Walker collaboration. He says it’s an interesting record. We will get that one to you as soon as it’s possible.

As I listed last week, there is so much great music coming up, we’ll just have to lose a little sleep to get it played. Always worth it.

Great music, great alliances. We have an excellent thing going on here. I hope you enjoy the show.

Stay cool and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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[Hour 1

01. Dara Puspita – Bertamasja (On Vacation) / 1966-1968

02. Jay Reatard – Blood Visions / Blood Visions

03. Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You / The Best Of Doo Wop Ballad

04. Hanoi Rocks – Up Around The Bend / Two Steps From The Move

05. UK Subs – You Can't Take It Any More / Brand New Age

06. X Ray Spex – I Live Off You / Germ Free Adolescents

07. Melvins – Set Me Straight / Houdini

08. Roky Erickson – I'm A Demon / Gremlins Have Pictures

09. The Prids – The Problem / Love Zero

10. Chihei Hatakeyama – White Light / A Long Journey

11. Alice in Chains – Them Bones / Dirt

12. Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants – I'm Coming / Bobby Byrd Got Soul: The Best Of

13. Estil C. Ball – Pretty Polly / Southern Journey Vol. 1

14. The Gun Club – Desire / Lucky Jim

15. Brian Eno – The Great Pretender / Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy

16. Hawkwind – Ten Seconds Of Forever / Space Ritual

17. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – I'm The Urban Spaceman / Tadpoles

18. Tangerine Dream – Ultima Thule Part One / Alpha Centauri

19. Team Doyobi – Summit Melody / Choose Your Own Adventure

20. Honest Marquee – Not Even You / Honest Marquee

21. hollAnd – Tumbleweeds Down Waverly / Sodium Fawn

Hour 2

01. Einstürzende Neubauten – Sehnsucht / Halber Mensch

02. Hisato Higuchi – Cry Baby Flowers / Butterfly Horse Street

03. Sam Cooke – Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen / Sam Cooke’s Night Beat

04. The Litter – Action Woman / Trash Box

05. Thee Oh Sees – Goodbye Baby / Putrifers II

06. Rondelles – Boy I Know / The Fox

07. Unrest – Can't Sit Still / Malcolm X Park

08. Pseudo Existors 0 Coming Up For Air / Stamp out Normaility

09. Slim Gailllard – Slim's Jam / Slim’s Jam

10. Robert Calvert – Ejection (single version) / Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters

11. Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues / Vincebus Eruptum

12. Charley Lincoln & Willie Bake – Jealous Hearted Blues / (1927-1930)

13. The Ruts – Babylon's Burning / Punk Singles Collection

14. The Ruts – Savage Circl / The Crack

15. The Ruts – Staring At The Rude Boys / Punk Singles Collection

16. The Ruts – West One (Shine On Me) / Punk Singles Collection

17. The Ruts – It Was Cold / The Crack

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