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Fanatic! This is a slightly odd occasion. If you look below, you will see that there are no tracks listed. Trust me, the show will be loaded with music; good stuff, too.

Pretend I have not told you this like three times before. This show will be live. There is a very good chance that Engineer X will be in the studio along with Engineer Amy. We will have as an in-studio guest and music contributor, Julia Wilson of Rice Is Nice Records.

Julia is the reason we got to hear that great Alex Cameron record Jumping the Shark, along with Donny Benet, The Laurels and all those cool bands from her Mixtape Vol. 2.

Julia told me weeks ago that she would be in Los Angeles on business. I asked her if she wanted to gather some great Australian music come in for a show. She said yes and started putting songs together. She sent them to me weeks ago and I can’t wait for you to hear them. This is going to be a great show!

I have all the tracks, well, almost all of them. Julia has added a couple more. As yet, she and I have not made an order to what we are going to play for you. Will get together over the weekend and get that sewn up and by Sunday evening, we will be ready!

Also on this Sunday’s show, we will be unleashing a new VUM track! First track, hour 2. Thanks to Jennifer and VUM for letting us do this.

I am in Santiago, Chile at the moment. Just came back from the offices of Blow Your Mind Records. Fanatic, we are going to get into some great Chilean music very soon. Juan Pablo hooked us up with tunes! There is a very happening scene here and we are going to check it out.

Our Sonic Comrade and all around man-in-good-standing, Phil Todd of Ashtray Navigations, has two really cool additions to the Ash Nav Bandcamp page that feature unreleased or pain-in-the-neck-to-find music. One is a live show that I just finished listening to called “Progressive Physical Relaxation” – Live at Helderberg House Nov 2nd 2009 and the other is a very handy collection of compilation tracks called Make It Easy on Yourself. To get all the tracks, you would have to have a lot of different compilation records, which, as you can probably guess, I do — but for you with a life, Fanatic, this is a great thing.

So, Fanatic. Three things to get ready for and one thing to do at all times:

01. Live show with Julia Wilson of Rice Is Nice happening this Sunday.

02. New VUM track, top of hour 2, again, this Sunday.

03. Cool jams from Chile and a spotlight shown upon the Blow Your Mind label, based here in Santiago, on Sept. 6.

– Henry

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