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Fanatic! Very happy to be able to bring this show to you. We were generously sent copies of the new Fall album and have the green light to play tracks from it. Sub-Lingual Tablet, the band’s 31st studio album, will not be out for several weeks but Cherry Red Records was really cool about it and we have music.

There are two versions of the album. The CD version and the LP version. Not all the songs on each are different from the other, but several of them are and the differences are very noticeable. If you look at the playlist, we will be listening to two versions of one Fall song at the top of each hour. So far, I am liking the LP version of the album better. We will be laying more tracks on you as the weeks go on.

Also, there is a new Ty Segall/King Tuff split live album called Live at Pickathon, Vol. 2. It’s on Easy Sound. The pre-order copies are all gone but it will be released for all to dig on May 4. This is LP only. The label kindly sent us files of the songs and full permission to start playing them and of course, we got right on that and are rocking a track from it in our first hour. Here is where you can get moinfo. It’s a really cool record.

For all you HTRK fans out there, great news. The Australian band’s album Marry Me Tonight is getting the vinyl treatment. The limited colored vinyl is long gone but there are still black vinyl copies available. I ordered a copy and am looking forward to hearing this one on LP. I think it’s my favorite of all their albums. Here is moinfo on that one.

There are some interesting releases this weekend on Record Store Day, hopefully if I can get my hands on the records I want, we will be able to get them on the show. Interesting that RSD will be on the same day as a Coachella Festival day. I wonder if that has any impact on Southern California record stores.

We hope you enjoy the show as always. Thank you for letting us do this one more time and STAY FANATIC!!! 
— Henry

Hour 1
01. The Fall – Dedication Not Medication (CD version) / Sub-Lingual Tablet
02. Spring Peeper – Mating call of the Spring Peeper / Sounds of North American Frogs
03. Slayer – Stain of Mind / Diabolus In Musica
04. Annie Ross – Twisted / King Pleasure Sings/Annie Ross Sings
05. Brief Weeds – (It's So Hard Not To) Say Hello / International Hip Swing
06. Le Butcherettes – Feminist Politics / Kiss & Kill
07. Ty Segall – The Man Man – Live At Pickathon
08. HTRK – Shoot You Up / Marry Me Tonight
09. Buzzcocks – Noise Annoys / Peel Sessions
10. Jah Stitch – Cool Down Youthman / Original Ragga Muffin (1975-77)
11. Killing Joke – Complications / Killing Joke
12. Air Miami – Dolphin Expressway (Remix) / 1997 Teenbeat Sampler
13. Olympic Death Squad – Sometimes I Can Breathe / Blue
14. Mark Robinson – Aluminum / Canada’s Green Highways
15. Unrest – Angel I'll Walk You Home / Perfect Teeth
16. Cotton Candy – Tint Control & Fine Tuning / Fantastic & Spectacular

Hour 2
01. The Fall – Dedication Not Medication (LP version) / Sub-Lingual Tablet
02. The Birthday Party – Zoo Music Girl / Prayers On Fire
03. The Ruts – Savage Circle / The Crack
04. The Misfits – Hybrid Moments / Static Age
05. Orchestra Ethiopia – Besetchet / Ethiopiques 23
06. Sun Ra – Interplanetary Music / We Travel The Spaceways
07. Aksak Maboul – Saure Gurke / Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine
08. New York Dolls – Lonely Planet Boy / New York Dolls
09. Chain & The Gang – Mum's the Word / Minimum Rock n Roll
10. Ausmuteants – Nothing Rhythmic / Split Personalities
11. Robert Johnson – When You Got a Good Friend / Complete Recordings
12. Blasted Canyons – Fries Yr Eyes / #1
13. The Jesus & Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk / The Power Of Negative Thinking
14. Armen Ra – Exile / Armen Ra Plays the Theremin

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