Fanatics! Have we got a show for you tonight! All kinds of new releases, and odd ricocheting off all the walls of the record store.

New Black Pus album sounds great, as all things that Brian Chippendale is behind. We have been listening to his other band Lighting Bolt for some time and recently, we have been working in more of his solo material. All noisy, excellent stuff.

Also, very exciting is this Best of James Brown at the Apollo 50th Anniversary release on Polydor that just came out. It has a couple of unreleased tracks and one of them is the live version of “There It Is” that we are rockin tonight. Makes you wonder what else in the vaults.

Tonight, we devote an entire segment to a label called Superior Viaduct. They have some great new releases, and I thought it would be a good idea to acquaint you with what they are doing. The label has been releasing very cool and very brave re-issues. Their new batch is really fantastic and tonight we check some of it out. I am very happy about the re-issue of Craig Leon's very cool Nommos album. A very cool slice of outsider electronic structuralist sound from the man who produced the first Suicide album. Of all labels, it originally came out on Takoma. That's right, Fanatic, John Fahey's label. Make sense when you think about it.

The re-issue sounds excellent on LP and the download that comes with it sounds good as well. Also, the re-release of Monitor's album, very cool. I used to see them hundreds of years ago. Perhaps my favorite of all these great records would be the DEVO Hardcore re-issues. You remember a long time ago, these songs came out on the excellent Rykodisc label and went out of print. Not only has Superior Viaduct re-issued these classic DEVO tracks, they have added more and have put it all on LP. The red vinyl pressing is probably long gone but you can still get the black vinyl editions. Well, what do you know, the CD version that contains Vols. 1 & 2 has liner notes by yours truly. If you look at what's upcoming on their roster, you will see that they are going to put out Helton's Interface LP. That is an incredible record. Keep your eyes on Superior Viaduct.

I was talking to Ian MacKaye last Sunday and he was telling me about this band called Dark and that he was digging a re-issue of their album Dark Round the Edges. I went out and found us a copy and tonight, we shall listen to a track. Working hard for you on a Sunday night. It is has been re-issued by Machu Picchu and you can find it from your good friends at Light in the Attic.

New on Teenbeat, John Lindaman from Love Always, has a new album called Black Death DNA. Also, new on Castle Face, La Machine.

Hour number two dies not disappoint. It's another onslaught of amazing jams. Remember that cool Miles live set that came out earlier this year? More of that. New track from The Mallard, another new release on Castle Face. We have not played anything off the new White Mystery album in awhile, so I thought we had better get into that one. I thought we should rock an EP and so I picked the amazing Roky Erickson four track 7″ that came out on the French label Sponge in 1977. The single is not at all easy to find but the tracks have been re-issued on 12″ and on CD. If you are a Roky fan and have not heard the Sponge versions of these tracks, you are in for a treat.

I tried to stay away from more Buzzcocks songs and found myself unable. Right after a track from the Evens new album The Odds on Dischord, we end with a Charlie Harper solo track, one of my favorite songs ever.

Next week's show will be very cool, very Germany, as that's where I'll be, at the Wacken Festival. Until then, we are live live live. You, me, Engineer X and the Young Will B.

Get ready for the Jams that are to come and STAY FANATIC!!!

See Henry's tracklist below

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Hour 1

01. Black Pus – Fly On The Wall / All My Relations

02. James Brown – There It Is / Best Of Live At The Apollo: 50th Anniversary

03. Metal Urbain – Ghetto / Anarchy In Paris!

04. Alan Vega – Bad Scene / Deuce Avenue

05. DEVO – Bamboo Bimbo / Hardcore Vol. 2

06. Craig Leon – Ring With Three Concentric Circles / Nommos

07. Monitor – Pavilion / Monitor

08. MX-80 Sound – Fascination / Hard Attack

09. Dark – Zero Time / Dark Round the Edges

10. John Lindaman – Talk To It — Find Out What It Wants / Black Death DNA

11. La Machine – Rock Crash / Phases & Repetition

12. The Lamps – Bob The Cat / Lamps

Hour 2

01. Miles Davis Quintet – Sanctuary (7-26-69 Juan-les-Pins France) / Bootleg Vol. 2

02. Wire – Three Girl Rumba / Pink Flag

03. Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble & Jaki Liebezeit – Twilight World / Full Circle

04. The Mallard – A Form Of Mercy / Finding Meaning In Deference

05. White Mystery – San Francisco Dream / Telepathic

06. Roky Erickson – Mine Mine Mind / Sponge EP

07. Roky Erickson – Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play / Sponge EP

08. Roky Erickson – Two-Headed Dog / Sponge EP

09. Roky Erickson – I Have Always Been Here Before / Sponge EP

10. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Reverberation (Doubt) / Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye

11. Buzzcocks – Autonomy / Another Music in Different Kitchen

12. Flin Flon – Cardigan / Dixie

13. The Evens – Wanted Criminals / The Odds

14. Charlie Harper – Talk Is Cheap / single

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