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Fanatic! Right now, I am on a train out of Moscow en route to St. Petersburg. A couple more shows and then back to the USA.

We start our show with an In the Red showcase of new jams. Mr. Moothart’s new album will be out later this year but we have been given the green light to play tracks and you know we’re going to do it. Ty Segall and Ex-Cult fans rejoice, another GØGGS track awaits. Stay tuned to In the Red this year as there are some great releases happening. I am not sure what I am at liberty to talk about, so I will leave it to ITR, but I have heard some upcoming ITR releases and it’s going to be great listening. As soon as we are allowed to turn loose new jams, we certainly will.

If you notice, we have a double dose of the Lem, with the mighty Hawkwind in our first hour and Motorhead in the second. I thought it was the right thing to do.

I am happy to announce that Guerilla Toss is very active right now. Not only is the Flood Dosed download available at their Bandcamp site, but if you pre-order their new LP, Eraser Stargazer, you get a download of a new song from it, which we will rock next week. It’s great.

I have been finding some great records out here. Of all places, Moscow has one of the most amazing record stores I have ever been to, maybe the best, called Sound Barrier. It was so big, with over 150,000 records in it, I barely got started when we had to leave for the venue. Worth checking out, next time you’re in the city. I will need a day there just to get my bearings. Incredible.

On the rare day off and pre-show, I have been working hard on getting the rest of our February shows prepared and they are coming along nicely. I think you will like our David Bowie show, set for the 28th. So far, the first hour is somewhat chronological. I have not decided what to do with the second hour.

Enjoy the show, get psyched for more great music coming your way, and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry

Hour 1

01. Charles Moothart – Brain of Clay / Still Life of Citrus & Slime
02. GØGGS – She Got Harder / single
03. Wolfmanhattan Project – You Are My Glue / single
04. Ty Segall – Californian Hills / Emotional Mugger
05. Leon Stackpole – Eat, Sleep And Spy / Leon
06. Scientist – Lovers / Introducing Scientist
07. Van Halen – Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love / Van Halen
08. Fats Waller – Ain't Got Nobody / Early Years – Part 1 (1934-19350
09. Hawkwind – You'd Better Believe It (single version) / Hall of the Mountain Grill
10. Tokyo Electron – I'm Worthy / Tokyo Electron
11. Manu Chao – Mama Cuchara / La Radiolina
12. Ex-Cult – New Crawl / single
13. Kink Gong – Shitani / Tanzania
14. The Mae Shi – The Melody / HLLLYH
15. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – And Time Will Act Upon Them / Corruptible Faces
15. Kikagaku Moyo – Dawn / Kikagaku Moyo

Hour 2
01. Nico – It Has Not Taken Long / The End (Expanded Edition)
02. The Stooges – Penetration / Raw Power
03. Terakaft – Wahouche Natareh / Alone
04. The Open Mind – Magic Potion /Nuggets II
05. Veronica Lake – Saints Above / Working Holiday
05. The Instant Automatons – His Master's Voice / Another Wasted Sunday
06. The Harlem Hamfats – Way Down That Lonely Road / Harlem Hamfats Vol. 4
07. The Damned – Neat Neat Neat / Peel session 11/30/76
08. Motörhead – No Class / No Remorse
09. Dee Dee King – German Kid / Standing in the Spotlight
10. Can – Moonshake / Future Days
11. Guerilla Toss – Ritual In Light / Flood Dosed
12. T.V. Smith – Festival of Fools / I Delete
13. Kim & Leanne – Get a Hold of Your World / True West 

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