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Fanatic! A warm weather influence is upon our show. My apologies to those still digging themselves out of the snow.

We are very happy to be able to roll out all this great music for you. I have played all these tunes through twice now and it’s all sounding good. We hope you like it as well.

In our second hour, we have a great lead off track. VUM has finished a new album called Cryptocrystalline and has sent us a track from it called “Katrine.” VUM gave us permission to play the track. “Katrine” will be released on the band's Bandcamp site on April 7. You can go here for info: https://vummusic.bandcamp.com/ or here: https://vummusic.com/

There is no set date on when the full album will be out but VUM will keep in touch with us and we will keep you informed.

There will be a video for “Katrine” released on April 14. I think you will be able to check it out at the same site address.

Lastly, the band will be playing a show at a venue called Jewel's Catch One in L.A. on April 19.

Jennifer from VUM said that will be presented by The Church on York, and their website will be the place to go for details.

“Katrine” sounds great, can’t wait to hear the rest!

I have been doing as much listening as possible. Sometimes the schedule gets the better of me. I actually keep a list of the records I listen to in the order I play them in so I can try to keep track. It’s actually quite helpful.

We have been playing a lot of tracks from that new Wand album, I hope you have been enjoying them. I got the LP version a few nights ago. Wand is one of those bands where the digital version is fine but the vinyl really gets it. If you like what you’ve been hearing on the show, I think you will really dig the vinyl. Also, the Suzuki Junzo album 7 on LP is excellent.

Thanks for tuning in and STAY FANATIC!!! 
— Henry

Hour 1
01. Rites of Spring – Spring / Rites of Spring
02. El Guapo – Hawks / Fake French
03. Fang Wizard – Ha Ha Crackers / Jerky Fruits single
04. Generation X – Ugly Rash / single
05. Pere Ubu – Nonalignment Pact / The Modern Dance
06. Thin Lizzy – Are You Ready / At The BBC
07. David Bowie – Suffragette City / Ziggy Stardust
07. The Weirdos – Teenage / Weird World Vol. 1
08. Slim Harpo – I'm A King Bee / Sings Raining In My Heart
09. The Minutemen – The Struggle / The Punch Line
10. Ex-Cult – Dripping Mouth / Cigarette Machine
11. Devo – End Message / Hardcore Devo Vol. 4
12. Devo – Strange Pursuit (demo) / Recombo DNA
13. Die Cheerleader – Pigskin Parade / Son of Filth
14. Dick Diver – Tearing The Posters Down / Melbourne Florida
15. Ty Segall – Mike D's Coke / Melted
16. ZZ Top – Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers / Tres Hombres

Hour 2
01. VUM – Katrine / Cryptocrystalline
02. Jimi Hendrix – The Burning of the Midnight Lamp / BBC Sessions
03. Wand – Planet Golem / Golem
04. Suzuki Junzo – Lament for The Man Without a Map / Sings II
05. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Moon Is In The Gutter / B-Sides And Rarities
06. Richard Amerson – Hog Hunt / Alabama – From Lullabies to Blues
07. Male Gaze – Cliffs Of Madness / Gale Maze
08. The Fontaine Toups – Ave. A / Teenbeat 20
09. The Lower Plenty – Calculations / Life/Thrills
10. The Four Plugs – Biking Girl / single
11. Thee Oh Sees – Will We Be Scared? / Putrifiers II
12. Jay Reatard – My Family / Blood Visions
13. Unknown – Untitled / Folk & Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2

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