Fan Arch – Why College Athletes Should Join The Platform Now


Fan Arch’s growth has been phenomenal since its launch in 2019. For professional athletes, this is the best platform to build a personal brand. Top athletes and players can monetize their careers and grow into wealth. But many players do not get that luxury to parlay their careers into wealth and face financial difficulty later. Well, not any longer!

Fan arch is the solution athletes were looking for. Jason and Oliver, Executives at Fan Arch, understand the dilemma in front of the players and are aware of the issues the players face when it comes to generating a sustainable income. The traditional revenue streams for players like endorsements and game checks are often short-lived and unstable, with completely uncontrollable factors like injuries which become major career deterrents for players.

It is not just for players who did not make it big. This platform is also for players who had a brilliant start or those who made it big but are now facing financial difficulties once their careers fizzled out or their careers got over due to injuries. For true sports fans seeing their favorite sports star struggling to make ends meet is a heart-breaking situation.

This is where Fan Arch comes to play. It is a platform designed to build personal brands for athletes and generate long-term sustainable income. Fan Arch’s customizable Fan Stores give athletes a professional framework to grow and monetize their brand through merchandise and video shoutouts.

Boasting over 1000 athletes on this platform, Fan Arch is looking to help more athletes in the future. From NBA Hall of Famers, Collegiate superstars, Boxing champions to Olympic legends, the Fan Arch has helped 500 top-level collegiate talents tap into new revenue streams and establish sustainable personal brands.

Fan Arch is growing today with full force, but it had its fair share of struggles. Players had a lot of skepticism believing Jason and Oliver for joining Fan Arch. Players had difficulty trusting someone promising to create an income stream for them. No one can blame them! The industry is rife with scammers and opportunists today who make fake promises. But Fan Arch has gained the players trust over time by constantly delivering on their promises.

Building Fan Arch has taken a lot of effort including clear communication, late-night Zoom calls, working tirelessly, and being right there for the clients through the highs and the lows like injuries. Helping the athletes to enhance their creative vision is also another challenge that Fan Arch faced. Fan Arch is standing tall on the commitment and dedication of Jason and Oliver. Supporting the athletes through thick and thin and helping them earn a stable income through the Fan Stores is the bedrock of the platform.

Fan Arch aims to reach 5000 clients in the coming years helping more players stabilize their lives through their personal brand. Fan Arch aim to help the members take their brands to the next level using more cutting-edge technologies. Oliver and Jason care for the athletes, and their dedication catapulted Fan Arch to become the ultimate hope for the athletes. Fan Arch is committed to showing up everyday to help the true sports stars monetize their brands and have a comfortable life.

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