Los Angeles' famous “K.F.C.” pot shop was one of many that dared take no chances Monday and instead closed up shop as the city's new medical-marijuana-dispensary law went into effect. The city's law prohibits those weed retailers that weren't open before a 2007 moratorium from doing business. That leaves about 130 pot shops eligible to remain open. The remaining 439 or so were warned to lock up. The K.F.C. dispensary — the acronym stands for Kind For Cures — states that its closure is temporary and that it is eligible as a pre-2007 dispensary. The City Attorney's office, via Curbed LA, begs to differ …

“This dispensary is not on our list of the 187 that registered with the City prior to the 2007 moratorium,” City Attorney's spokesman Frank Mateljan told Curbed. (About 130 of those original pot shops survived through June, according to the City Attorney's office).

In fact, LA Weekly's discovery of the spot in August, 2009 reported that it opened that summer and that the location had been an “abandoned,” genuine KFC outlet.

Whatever its future, the KFC pot shop is now a part of pop culture lore: It was mimicked in a South Park episode in March. The name of the episode? “Medicinal Fried Chicken.”

LA Weekly