Remember the guy who was arrested in 2008 after the police noticed his elaborate tattoo depicted the scene of an unsolved murder?

No? Well, last April everyone got a good chuckle out of how stupid Anthony “Chopper” Garcia was for inking across his chest the semiautomatic smoking gun (attached to a helicopter) that led to his conviction. As it turns out, Garcia's family was laughing too…

…all the way to the bank, where they cashed $20,000 in Garcia's unemployment checks while he awaited trial for the murder.

Juan Leonard Garcia, Anthony's father, Sandra Muro Jaimez and Cynthia Limas, two girlfriends, are facing a slew of charges associated with the fraud, including commercial burglary, false statement, representation or concealment, possession for sale of a controlled substance (meth), and conspiracy to commit grand theft.

According to the Sheriff's Department, between October 2008 to August 2010, the three cashed unemployment checks on Garcia's behalf twice a month, and they submitted change of address forms for him twice as well.

Some of the money they split amongst each other, and some of it they funneled to Garcia. He may have planned to use the funds to buy and sell heroin and methamphetamines smuggled into jail through a scheme that his mother, Vivian, and brother, John were arrested in connection with last year.

We think it's a shame no one got this family a reality television show while they were still at it, what with all the working title possibilities like 'Keeping up with the Unemployment Check-Cashers,' 'John and Vivian Plus Eight Balloons of Heroin,' '19 Convictions and Counting'… Contribute your own suggestions in the comment section!

LA Weekly