These would-be criminals are so dumb they don't know the name of the mayor of L.A.

At least one would-be victim was smart enough to alert authorities: The LAPD last night warned residents that wannabe burglars are sending fake letters on city letterhead saying that fire inspectors needed to check out their homes.

The problem with the otherwise official-looking documents:

They contained the names of former Mayor James K. Hahn and former LAFD Chief William Bamattre.

And, also, they sucked. As in (of course), these guys can't write. The inspections would be …

… Regarding all hazardous material, mold and a detailed fire inspection.

… We are conducting this inspection specially if there is children and seniors in homes to provide them a healthy and safe environment.

We're disappointed. We thought, with the economy the way it is, more burglars would be educated.

Credit: LAPD

Credit: LAPD

Cops were informed of the letter by an alert Pacoima resident Wednesday. They think the scammers might be targeting the elderly.

They fear there might be actual “inspection” victims and want anyone who has been hit by these geniuses to call police at 818-834-3115.


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