Facebook went down Thursday and we were bummed not just because we're not able to post pictures of our last Ibizan romp, change our status to “loving life,” or link to New York Times articles we didn't read.

We were bummed because this is affecting the lives of millions of Angelenos who could be doing actual work right now. Such as:

-Facebook's 8,000 Clippers fans in the region (the Bostons Celtics have 14,940 in L.A. LOLz!).

-The 10,000 or so fans of the original Tommy's burger stands. (That's more that the Los Angeles Times' 7,000 fans).

-The Dodgers' nearly 125,000 fans in the area (compare that to the Angels' 54,000 — haw-haw).

We think there's a conspiracy here: The Facebook film The Social Network hits theaters Oct. 1 and it doesn't appear to show founder Mark Zuckerberg in a good light. Maybe he's pulling the plug on the eve of its New York premier.

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