Resolved: The Mike Love is a Douchebag Page, dedicated to spreading the word about the Beach Boys member that Beach Boys fans love to hate.

Specifically, the description of the page:

Mike Love, early often lead singer of the Beach Boys, is a douchebag.

Whether it be his ridiculous rewritings of the past (how “he wrote” some songs like “Surfin' USA,” despite the fact he was not a surfer and knew no surf spots), his vehement opposition to the Pet Sounds album (he told Brian “don't fuck with the formula”), his endless stream of lawsuits against living members of the band (suing to obtain ownership of “Beach Boys” name from other members), his feigned empathy towards Brian and his mental illness for his own financial gain (suing to have his name added to the writing credits of some songs on “Pet Sounds” and receive past royalties, despite the fact that Tony Asher said Mike had no involvement), the goofy fucking dancing he did (and still does) live, or the fact that he has always looked like an old man, Mike Love is a totally egotistical weiner.

I love the Beach Boys, but Mike Love is just a douchebag.


(via The Daily Swarm)

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