Tiny beads of sweat glimmer on the woman as she positions herself on all fours, her face flushed as she arches her back and pushes her hindside against the man when she opens her mouth and out it comes, “Pound my pussy, baby.”

Uh …

Talk such as the former raises the question: Where did people's creativity go? Has dirty talk become nothing but word vomit influenced by the adult film industry? The thought has been on our minds since The Awl's recent post whereby they took an anthropological look at the evolution of dirty talk that goes as far back as the 17th century.

Based on personal experiences, along with pornographic movies viewed, there are certain topics that seem to be popular in the bedroom among sexual partners during intercourse. It appears most dirty talk nowadays concentrates on:

While these phrases may turn people on, is there not a more eloquent way to state the obvious? It's true intercourse shouldn't turn into Poetry 101, but surely we have the vocabulary to express our sexual arousal using terms on a grade level higher than elementary school.

Whisper dirty nothings in my ear

Whisper dirty nothings in my ear

Psychology Today recently released an article discussing porn-induced sexual dysfunction, in which pornography users are “complaining of delayed ejaculation, inability to be turned on by real partners, and sluggish erections” due to the extreme nature found in adult films. Views such as this one show the negative impact porn movies have over our psyche.

That being said, is porno really to blame for our lack of imagination? Do we need dirty talk to get turned on because porn films have rewired our brains to the point where we can't be turned-on without it? After all, it is people who create the movies – they are not spontaneously created – and are thus an example of our sociological evolution. If anything, isn't it sexually freeing that partners can say exactly what's on their mind, instead of being self-conscious of the words that spill from their mouths?

So what does it all mean? Does it even matter if dirty talk is dumbed down and vulgar? That dirty talk is so heavily influenced by adult films? Isn't the bottom line for the partners having intercourse to be turned on and having a good time?

We realize we've offered no solution to the many questions asked above. Perhaps we too have been dumbed down to elementary dirty talk. Share with us your thoughts and opinions on dirty talk. Does dirty talk turn you on or turn you off and why? What are some (other) expressions you have found to turn you on in the bedroom?

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